The unscrupulous Mrs Clinton.

By Na'omi Allen
Mrs Allen is a disgruntled American veteran and this is her personal blog. She studies geopolitical phenomena, with a focus on countering contemporary Nazism.

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The indictment against Sussman is less about him, and more about the *fact* that he went to the FBI to trigger an investigation against Trump, at Mrs Clinton’s direction. She then campaigned on the idea: “How can we elect a president who is under FBI investigation for treason?”

She did this to counter the question: “How can we elect a president who is under investigation for mishandling classified information?” Which effectively turned into a deflector shield for #ButHerEmails!

Ppl can debate, all the live long day, about whether Sussman did or didn’t admit he was doing what he did, at her bidding. But for me, that’s beside the point. He did it at her bidding. And that’s a damn problem. How can we elect a president who is capable of such dirty politics?

Framing someone for such a high crime? And then she went and tried to do it to Tulsi Gabbard… which in her case, is not a fricken joke, since she’s in the military, which would have made it a capital crime if it were true (it wasn’t).

And even though Tulsi had not committed treason, Mrs Clinton had so many stooges in the FBI at the time, they would have been willing to fabricate evidence against her, just like they did with Carter Page. I don’t know if people understand how fucked up that is.

This case is mocked as a joke. But it isn’t. It will be foundational to building a case against Mrs Clinton. Win or lose, it proves that Mrs Clinton orchestrated the frame-up that destabilized our nation and turned us into a Banana Republic.…

And this waiver that Danchenko just got? Waiving his right to “conflict of interests” claims that may occur from being represented by Mrs Clinton’s lawyers? There would be no occasion for conflict of interest… unless there weren’t a case against her.…