Why the CIA hates Tulsi Gabbard.

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(Updated on 14 March 2022, with info about Clint Watts.)

A large number of people were dissuaded from @TulsiGabbard because she kept telling us that the “rebels” our CIA was providing aid and comfort to were al-Qaeda (our only declared enemy). We were told that she was spreading treasonous lies, but people are now learning that what she’s been saying is true.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the primary swiftboaters, who try to make @TulsiGabbard look like a traitor and “Russian asset” for calling out the CIA’s dirty deeds in Syria, are former CIA agents and their cohorts.

People like Clint Watts, who accused her of lying about our government’s covert Ops to back al-Qaeda…

… even though he personally think-tanked this dumb ass policy.

And people like Evan McMullin, who was instrumental in putting this scheme into play by organizing the dubious Caesar Torture Photos used to get congress onboard.


McMullin’s version of truth: The al-Qaeda guys the CIA works with are the good guys… cuz they’re fighting the bad guys for us.


McMullin’s version of truth: The good al-Qaeda terrorists, who we pay and give guns to, are now “rebels”. All the bad ones are now ISIS…


… and anyone who says otherwise is an Assad loving, Putin stooge.


👆🏽 CIA talking points.

Note from the date, Evan started this propaganda campaign against Tulsi before she even made that controversial trip to Syria, and long before she even became a candidate for the 2020 presidency.

CIA talking points:

Read More: archive.is/pYXhs

Does the CIA and our USIC even work for America anymore? It doesn’t look like it to me… especially since they’re so willing and eager to throw a proven patriot under the bus to protect their al-Qaeda friends.

Why the CIA hates @TulsiGabbard:


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