The Blob’s new Domino Theory has nothing to do with saving “democracy”.

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Twitterverse (@girly_GRRRL) — Fukuyama seems to think that Americans should be willing to go to war with Russia over Ukraine, because if Ukraine is taken over by Russia, its “struggling democracy” will fail, and America’s democracy will fall as well:…

I would argue that America is quickly slipping into authoritarianism, all on its own accord… and largely due to the Blob’s effort to preserve public support for NeoCon Doctrine… which has bled our country dry with #ForeverWar.

I would also argue that the survival of America’s Liberal Democracy does not depend on the success of Ukraine’s “democracy”… but the legitimacy of NeoCon Doctrine does.

I would conclude that NeoCon Doctrine is a failed policy that should be abandoned. It has not produced one single success, and has only made the world less safe for us all. It does the opposite of what it has promised, and is turning America into the Baddies.

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