Whoopi Goldberg is unteachable, but her “misstep” is a teachable moment.

By Na'omi Allen
Mrs Allen is a disgruntled American veteran and this is her personal blog. She studies geopolitical phenomena, with a focus on countering contemporary Nazism.

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Jews are not a race? I’m old enough to remember when Whoopi claimed she was Jewish, even though she’s an atheist, because she has a Goldberg ancestor, and that’s why she adopted the stage name and said it gave her the right to crack demeaning Jewish Princess jokes.

🧐 jta.org/archive/feathe…

Whoopi won’t clarify where ‘Goldberg’ comes from, but she just *knows* she’s a Jew, she *feels* Jewish, she has a *connection* with Jews because she once planted a tree in Israel… and Johnson wasn’t Jewish enough for her to make it in show biz.

Her career was launched off of antisemitic ideas that she continuously doubles down on. I don’t know why anyone thinks she’s teachable.

Instead of trying to educate Whoopi, we should be using her as a textbook example of antisemitism, and why these ideas pose a danger to the Jewish People.

The science should be settled on this, but people still debate it for political and religious purposes. European Jews have genetic markers, distinct from other Europeans, that place their origins in the Near-East (known today as the Middle-East). genomebiology.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.11…

Are Jews a religion or a People? We are both. Denying that we do, can, or should exist as a People is a subtle form of genocide. It’s also a form of genocide denial, because it refuses to acknowledge when our People are persecuted for who they inherently are (like Whoopi does).