US lawmakers reward Ukraine’s bad behavior with record level military aid.

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Michigan, USA (Notes from Nowhere) — In March, last year, the Department of Defense announced they were releasing military aid to Ukraine, as authorized by Trump’s 2021 NDAA, but was withholding half of the amount until the DOD and US State Department could certify that Ukraine was in compliance with international law and NATO standards.

The remaining $150 million in fiscal year 2021 USAI funds appropriated by Congress will be provided when the Defense Department, in coordination with the Department of State, certifies that Ukraine has made sufficient progress on key defense reforms this year, as required by the National Defense Authorization Act.

The Department encourages Ukraine to continue to enact reforms that strengthen civilian control of the military, promote increased transparency and accountability in defense industry and procurement, and modernize its defense sector in other key areas in line with NATO principles and standards.

One of the things US officials called for was “increased transparency and accountability in defense industry and procurement” due to Ukraine’s long history of illegal gun running that they have failed to remedy unto this day.

The DOD’s announcement came a few weeks after the UN Security Council reported that Ukraine’s pandemic response violated Minsk agreements, were creating a humanitarian crisis at catastrophic levels, and were exacerbating tensions in the Donbas and Crimea in ways that would reignite the civil war.

The UNSC, at that time, also countered rhetoric about Russian aggression, stating that they found no evidence of Russian military operations in the Donbas, and that anyone who carried on with “fantasies about Russian aggression” could not be trusted as honest negotiators.

In defiance of the UNSC, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy continued his saber rattling, escalating tensions even further, and US lawmakers who bought into the scheme passed legislation to bypass our *conditional* military aid package with new, unconditional appropriations.

As a result, despite Ukraine’s total disregard for international law, and despite their actions that willfully break hard won peace agreements, we have gifted them with the largest military aid package, ever.

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Please see Troubled Waters in the Black Sea for a detailed record of how Zelenskyy and Erdogan orchestrated the recent standoff between Ukraine and Russia. Warning: Repeating these truths will get you labelled a Russian agent, marked for harassment by the Blob Mob, as directed by White House Press Secretary Psaki.

This article was updated on 26 January 2022 to include information about Ukraine’s corrupt arms industry.

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy calls on the public to stop spreading rumors of war, while his Foreign Minister doubles down on threats against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

Michigan, USA (Notes from Nowhere) — Shortly after meeting with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Ukrainian reporters that 100,000 Russian soldiers had amassed near Ukraine’s borders, posing an “unprecedented threat” to Ukraine, and that the United States would deliver “serious consequences” to Russia in the event of aggression against them.

Secretary Blinken’s comments were accompanied by those of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba who said that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia will not end until Russian troops have abandoned the Donbas, Crimea, and Sevastopol.

The press conference triggered a mass panic in the country, prompting the Ukrainian president to address the public with a call for calm.

“We need to exhale. Calm down.

“It is not necessary to sweep goods from store shelves, withdraw money from bank accounts, and spread fake horror stories about the war among acquaintances. What should you do? Keep calm, keep your head cool. Do not wind yourself up. React wisely to everything, not emotionally. With your head, not your heart. To know that everything is going according to the plan.”

— President Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy attempted to reassure the public that nothing has changed between Ukraine and Russia, stating that there was no increased threat, and no increase in hostilities… and that the only thing that has grown is everyone’s panic, which he attributed to diplomatic games. But his comments are unlikely to comfort anyone who understand that Russia won’t give up Sevastopol without a fight.

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What’s so important about Sevastopol?

Timeline: Troubled Waters in the Black Sea.

Russian leaders attempt to reassure Ukrainian public that war is not imminent, as shipments of weapons are delivered from all over the world.

Erdogan… the “reluctant” warmonger.

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Twitterverse (@NaomiKimAllen) — It’s astonishing that so many foreign policy experts still think Putin and Erdogan are BFF’s. I’m mostly seeing reports about: Erdogan attempts to “ease tensions”, attempts “balancing act”, and some even say, “has a lot to lose if there’s war” between #Ukraine and #Russia. 🙈🙉🙊

A few mention that Putin is annoyed with Erdogan for selling drones to Ukraine, but they’re still acting like he has a good relationship w/ both countries, and just doesn’t support an invasion……

Stripes does mention that Russia and Turkey are on opposite sides of several armed conflicts around the world… but I have yet to see any Western publication mention what’s been happening w/ the Quadriga Format over the last 2 years.…

Express starts to hint at Erdogan’s saber rattling… but only kinda sorta… going only as far to say that Erdogan WARNS Russia… oh… that invading Ukraine would be unrealistic.…

Erdogan’s “greatest challenge”. As if he is stuck between a rock and hard place… the reluctant warmonger… Auwe.…

Arab papers speak a little more honestly… mentioning that Erdogan has been calling for NATO to accept Ukraine’s membership.…

ICYMI: Troubled Waters in the Black Sea. A timeline, that begins in October 2020, when Erdogan and Zelenskyy signed a devil’s pact, to “deoccupy” Sevastopol.…

The real “Menace to Public Health” isn’t Joe Rogan, but “data-driven” statisticians.

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The headlines would have you think that hundreds of doctors from all over the world have declared @joerogan to be a “Menace to Public Health”, but the phrase isn’t even mentioned in the said open letter sent to @Spotify.…

The phrase first appears in a piece by @RollingStone about the open letter, where they quote comments they received from one of the open letter’s co-signers, @DrKatEpi, who accuses Joe of presenting a “false balance” of information…

… a false balance, even though he has also given airtime to experts on both sides of the issue, including high profile advocates of the c-vax, like @drsanjaygupta…

… a false balance, because in her “expert” opinion, there aren’t two sides to this issue. There’s only one: “The overwhelming evidence is the vaccine works, and it is safe.” And anyone who says otherwise is a fringe lunatic and “menace to public health”.

What’s at stake? What is it that these experts are pressuring Spotify to protect with censorship? The credibility of data-driven guidance offered by medical professionals. Aka, glorified statisticians.

It’s kinda funny to me… because I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about how “data-driven guidance” is the rot of CoV-19 pandemic malpractice. Scientific method has been replaced with the art of data-skewing.

Game on.

These people presume that critics of Faucism can’t cite peer reviewed and published works to back up their claims, and they’re dead wrong…

Example: Peer reviewed & published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, meta analysis of 15 Ivermectin clinical trials show that the heavily maligned “horse paste” has an 85% success rate at preventing/reversing disease progression in vulnerable pts.…

That’s higher than Merck’s poison pill… which sits at 30%.…

One would have to get THREE Pfizer shots before reaching a higher rate of protection. And nobody knows how long that *waning* protection would last. Peer reviewed, and published by the New England Journal of Medicine:…

The Pfizer shot is the most sketchy of all the covid vaccines, yet it’s the one our government has placed all its bets on. Sometimes I wonder if the “experts” should include info about their stock portfolios with their publications.

Fun fact: Ivermectin is a Merck product. Which raises the question: Why would they malign one of their own earlier products, that is proven to have a decent success rate and a decent safety profile? Just to turn out a new, less effective product later?

Pure speculation, but… could it possible be, because Ivermectin has been around for so long now that it’s patent-free and can be made generically by other companies?

I was skeptical of Ivermectin, until the published data started rolling in. And it’s kind of blowing my mind that, with all of the peer reviewed & published papers now proving its efficacy, the “data-driven” experts are still calling it horse paste.

“Data-driven” experts who skew the numbers to make the c-vax out to be more than it really is, and who demonize empirical medicine, for the sake of protecting “vaccine confidence”, are the *real* menaces of public health.

The truth they want suppressed: The mRNA vax provides short-lived and extremely erratic protection, and people who get vax’d need a plan b.

Why they want it suppressed: They don’t want that ‘plan b’ to end up being ‘plan a’ for most people… which would be very likely, if people knew the whole truth.

What makes that more messed up than Joe Rogan giving air time to “both sides” of the story: Suppression of info is also suppressing the availability of medicines, and a lot of doctors are now afraid to practice empirical medicine.

Ask around your local medical community & you might find out that the only outpt med most places have available to treat covid if you catch it, is Merck’s poison pill. In which case… pray you have Omicron. Which, despite what the “data-driven” experts say, is *indeed* mild.

Merck’s poison pill has the riskiest safety profile and the least effectiveness. The FDA approved its EUA to be used only as a last resort treatment. But somehow, this ‘last resort’ pill has ended up as the first-offered med for C+ outpatients patients.…

Make it make sense.

This is where the “[skewed] data-driven guidance” has brought us. Demonizing empirical medicine, empirical research, and anything that refuses to accept Almighty mRNA as our one true Lord and Savior, is all the rage.

The Great Reset isn’t just a theory anymore… and it’s even more sinister than most think.

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Is WEF’s #GreatReset really just a conspiracy “theory”, or is it an *actual* conspiracy, if WEF’s founder wrote a book about how to co-opt the pandemic to transition the world into NWO technocracy? #WEF #Davos

WEF’s founder and the rest of the Club of Rome have been thought-experimenting with this stuff for decades, but they were never taken seriously. They were long known to be a bunch of bored, egomaniacal richfuks who obsess over fringe lunatic zero-population-growth theories…

The founder pretty much kept his association with the Club of Rome under wraps for decades, but the Club of Rome’s ideology started to seep through around the time people started freaking out about climate crisis.

Not insignificant is the fact that WEF’s very first meeting, in the early 70’s, was launched with a presentation on the Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth” concept. Club of Rome ideology is foundational to WEF.

More recently, now that they have the entire world believing we are on the brink of implosion, they stopped hiding their Club of Rome association. The Great Reset was written by the Club of Rome, and they’re not hiding this fact.

The Global Green New Deal was also written by the Club of Rome.…

It has been suspected by some that the Club of Rome has been collaborating with the IPCC. They’re not hiding it anymore:…

The IPCC references the Club of Rome’s work in their own reports.…

Here’s an early version of the Great Reset, written pre-pandemic, in 1991.…

1972 article about the Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth” concept, and about the computer simulated models they use.

Comparing the Club of Rome’s computer model, with the IPCC’s computer model:…

Climategate. #Agenda21
Leaked emails reveal how the Club of Rome has been running a scam on us through the IPCC.…

White House launches preemptive strike against Truth, calls for bullying of independent minded journalists who counter war propaganda.

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Yesterday, the White House didn’t just report that Russia was staging a False Flag in Ukraine, they called for people who question this narrative to be “called out” as influencers who they alleged are spreading disinfo for Russia.

Starting at min 22:47, Psaki says that influence Ops accusing Ukraine of creating a humanitarian crisis, and attempting to frame them as the aggressor in current matters, are spreading disinfo meant to provide Russia w/ a pretext for invading Ukraine.


She also stated that they had intel that Russia had operatives in place who were trained in guerrilla warfare and explosives, who were “in place” to stage a false flag against their own proxies and “Russian speaking” people in Ukraine, to give them an excuse to invade…

But most of her message was about “disinfo”, which she said followed “the same playbook” used before Russia invaded Crimea: Propaganda that set the stage for sabotage (false flags) that supposedly helped Russia fabricate a justification for putting boots on the ground there.

CNN reports that, according to intel reports, the disinfo Ops started in December.…

That would have been around the time Biden held a video conference with Putin and they attempted to define their red lines.

Psaki’s comments are really bothering me a lot. Because I started keeping a timeline on Ukraine’s aggression and human rights violations, since early last summer. It sickens me, to see how much we’re being lied to about what’s happening in the Black Sea.


What the White House just did, was a preemptive strike against independent journalists and independent researchers, to suppress the truth. The lies have never felt more deliberate to me before… maybe because I now feel personally targeted.

I’ve written about Ukraine’s provocations, violation of Minsk protocols, and the humanitarian crisis they’ve imposes on Crimea and the Donbas over the last year. None of what I say is meant to provide Russia justification for “invading Ukraine”…

… quite the opposite. Americans need to open their eyes and realize that Ukraine, Turkey, and global energy barons are trying to purposefully provoke a war between NATO and Russia. I would like to prevent war, not trigger one. That war would do our country more harm than good.


Ukr has been lobbying countries to censor their own media, for “propaganda” against Ukr. The main thing they’re having a fit over: Expose pieces about Ukraine’s Minsk violations, which include Ukr troops launching attacks on civilian areas in the Donbas.

Makes perfect sense that this is why ex-CIA fuktwit Ned Price was the first of our US officials to spew this narrative, about people supposedly lying about Ukraine’s malign behavior and provocations.

What they want to discredit: Fact that Ukraine broke the cease fire, Ukraine violated the Minsk agreement first, Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis in the Donbas and Crimea, and Ukraine & Turkey have been staging for war w/ Russia for over a year.


If more of the public understood what was going on, it would hinder the effort to gain public consensus in favor of going to war with Russia. Especially if they knew it was being done to help Erdogan gain control the Black Sea, to secure natural gas pockets they found there…

… and which they cut a deal with ExxonMobil and Chevron to extract.

The war hawks want us to do a first strike, but Biden is very unlikely to call for one. So, now, they are racking their brains to come up with another plan, that won’t make Ukraine look like the aggressor.

What makes no sense: Ukr has been attacking the Donbas for 8 years already, and Russia didn’t retaliate or “invade” over it. If they were going to respond to such a thing, they would’ve done it already. They don’t need to fake a false flag. There have been real ones done already.

All of this makes me wonder if the “false flags” that were done in Crimea after the Maidan Revolution, weren’t *actual* attacks launched by Kiev. I never doubted the official story about that before. But now? After their latest stunt? I dunno, man.

Funny thing for Olga to say. If anyone knows how to use KGB tactics, it’s her employers. Khodorkovsky was pulled from obscurity by moneyed former KGB agents who helped him become *the* richest Oligarch in Post-Soviet Russia.

Info-Scrubbing has begun. Military . com deleted this article from their website, but I grabbed a web archive. They’re trying to memory-hole military agreements made between Ukraine and Turkey, against Russia, in October 2020.…

Ex-CIA FukTwits: “Putin is looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine!”
Warmongers: “Let’s give him one!”

The Blob doubles down on their calls to deter Russia with preemptive punishments.


Of course, Bill Kristol leads the red-baiting parade.

Read More: Ukraine declared war against Russia and people should stop ignoring this.

To end the Forever War, we must rescind the Carter Doctrine.

Air Force Senior Airman Henry Nokes secures a section of airfield outside a C-130H Hercules in Qayyarah, Iraq, Feb. 4, 2017. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Jordan Castelan.

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MICHIGAN, USA (Notes from Nowhere) — In line with his promise to end the Forever War, President Joe Biden has been working with congress to sunset all of the AUMF’s associated with our military actions in the Middle East, and the House passed a measure to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force against Iraq, in June.

Chuck Schumer promised that the bill would get a floor vote in the Senate, but the measure was stripped from the NDAA-2022 by committee, and tossed down a dark hole.

Some dismiss the effort to repeal the 2002 AUMF as a performative empty gesture, since it authorized a war that we’re no longer fighting, and because the Biden administration has stated that there isn’t anything that we are currently doing in the Middle East or Northern Africa that depends on it.

But, the 2002 AUMF isn’t just about the Iraq War. It serves as an integral part of the legislative web that perpetuates the Forever War, by codifying the Carter Doctrine.

“Let our position be absolutely clear: An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.”

— President Jimmy Carter (1980 State of the Union Address)


Recommended Reading: America’s War for the Greater Middle East.


The Breakdown

Section 3 authorizes the president to use our military, however he (or she) deems necessary and appropriate, to defend our national security against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and to enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions regarding Iraq.

Section 4 expands the umbrella of what would be considered ‘necessary and appropriate’ military force to include, “… actions described in section 7 of the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998“: Post-war assistance to Iraqi parties and movements with democratic goals.

Assistance for Iraq upon replacement of Saddam Hussein Regime.

It is the sense of the Congress that once the Saddam Hussein regime is removed from power in Iraq, the United States should support Iraq’s transition to democracy by providing immediate and substantial humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people, by providing democracy transition assistance to Iraqi parties and movements with democratic goals

The final whereas paragraph of the bill further expands that umbrella geographically, to cover the entire Persian Gulf region (which includes Iran).

“Whereas it is in the national security interests of the United States to restore international peace and security to the Persian Gulf region.”

The 2002 AUMF codifies our dominance over the Persian Gulf region as a national security interest, and provides our armed services with a mindless standing order to promote, secure, and preserve our sphere of influence in the Middle East, by any means necessary, and often at the expense of our actual national security. It can be, and has been, broadly used to circumvent congress for an endless chain of unjustifiable military events, to advance Cold War doctrine that often conflicts with our contemporary geopolitical goals. And it commits us to doing this… forever.

Call to Action:

Please call or write your Senators to let them know we want a floor vote on S.J.Res. 10: A joint resolution to repeal the authorizations for use of military force against Iraq, before the end of the 117th congressional session.