“Defenders” of Azovstal threaten to bomb Mariupol on V-Day

This post was last updated on 07 May 2022.

Updated on 29 April 2022 to include info about Pro-Azov excitement over newly acquired long range missile systems.
Updated on 07 May 2022, to include info about CEPA agents setting the stage, to blame Russia for May 9th attacks.
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Right Sector leader Biletsky has threatened to strike the citizens of Mariupol with long range cluster munitions if they hold a Victory over Fascism parade on May 9th, and Azov supporters are giddy over the US sending them missile systems that would help them carry out the task. To justify committing this heinous atrocity, he and the Kyiv news anchor speculate about how V-Day parades would be full of people bussed in from Moscow, which they say should be treated as a provocation.

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Here’s what happened the last time Mariupol tried to hold a V-Day Parade, back in 2014:

Note that the fireman (above) tells the Vice reporter that the Right Sector and the new Ukrainian national guard attacked their police. Other witnesses told the reporter that national guardsmen attacked “our police”, the parade, and civilians. The Vice reporter commented at one point, that this was not the first time that the Right Sector had attacked the town, but it was the most violent attack to date.

Kyiv’s Post-Maidan government claimed that they sent the national guard and the newly formed national police force into the town after receiving reports that “separatists” had taken over the police station.

How it was reported in the mainstream press:

Is it any wonder why Eastern Ukrainians felt the need to take up arms against the Post-Maidan government? And is it any wonder why most residents of Mariupol have evacuated to Russia, instead of Kyiv?

Since the beginning of this Euro-Maidan mess, our leaders and their talking heads have been walking on eggshells around this Ukrainian Nazi thing, covering up their inhumanity, in order to preserve their “Pro-EU” image.

And not just the 2014 Mariupol massacre, but also the Right Sector attack against busloads of Crimeans, which triggered their referendum for independence.

And the Odessa massacre, which triggered Donbas referendums for autonomy.

Meanwhile, Americans bit by the Azov-Bug are now acting as if celebrating Victory over Fascism (which the Allied Powers have done, every year, in their own nation’s way, since the end of World War II) is a Pro-Putin PsyOP. 🫣 Shouldn’t be long before our White House starts claiming that Russia is staging a V-Day false flag.

Updates on V-Day bombing campaigns:

Do our leaders want peace… or what?

This post was updated with a correction on 07 May 2022. The Russian village of Rostov-on-Don was struck, not by one, but by two missiles on February 19th. Fact-check notes are included in footnotes.

Our leaders need to start addressing the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict with honesty and in accordance with international law, instead of with their emotions and personal prejudices.

Like it or not, Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine was neither illegal, nor unprovoked. And while our leaders don’t want us talking about this, anyone who hopes for peace should do it anyway. Peaceful resolution cannot be reached without recognizing and addressing points of contention that need to be resolved. To ignore the causes of this conflict is to burn bridges to peace, and the longer this war goes on, the closer we get to triggering World War III. That there are powerful forces at work who actually want to ignite another global war makes talking about these issues all the more important.

Main Points of Contention

There are two main reasons why the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is happening.

First: Despite agreeing to its terms in 2015, Kiev has deliberately failed to implement Minsk Accords to end the Ukrainian Civil War. This is largely due to the fact that their government officials have no control over Right Sector Battalions who refuse to honor the agreement, and who threaten to murder political leaders and overthrow the government (again) whenever steps are taken to follow its Peace Protocols.

President Zelenskyy, unsuccessfully attempting to direct Right Sector militias to withdraw from the Donbass (2019).

The second reason: In March 2021, Zelenskyy signed E.O. №117, officially launching a strategy known as the Crimea Platform, to pursue NATO membership for the sake of retaking the Donbass (in violation of Minsk Accords) and to “de-occupy” Crimea and Sevastopol… by military means if necessary. Technically, by enacting E.O. №117, Ukraine effectively issued a declaration of war against Russia.

Primary Provocations

There were two significant incidents that led to military confrontation.

The first: One week after Zelenskyy enacted E.O. №117, Erdogan notified Russia that the US was sending warships to the Black Sea to support Ukraine’s objectives.

In response, the Russian military started amassing troops in Crimea and a standoff began. The Ukrainian government claimed that Russia was staging to attack Ukraine, and our lawmakers called for preemptive military measures and deterrent sanctions.

Our Defense Department then flooded Ukraine with weapons (100 tons of lethal aid), and the Ukrainian government funneled those weapons to their Right Sector militias, with a particular focus on Mariupol (a Right Sector stronghold).

This led to the second incident: Ukraine fed “intel” to our state department, claiming that Russia was orchestrating a false flag event to give them a “pretext” for war, and then… Right Sector battalions proceeded to shell the hell out of the Donbass, and two of these missiles struck Russian soil in Rostov-on-Don (February 19th).1

The attack on Rostov-on-Don was totally ignored by Western media, and the escalation was reported as if “rebels” were the ones who had taken an aggressive posture on the front lines of the ongoing civil war, but expert analysis of OSCE reports reveal the exact opposite.

War correspondent Anne-Laure Bonnel, fed up with French media for not allowing her to report truthfully about the Donbass.

UN Charter, Article 51

On February 21st, two days after the attack on Rostov-on-Don, Russia recognized the Donbass Republics as independent states and answered their call for assistance (evacuations, and military defense). Another three days later, Putin invoked Article 51 of the UN Charter and the Russian military began an armed Special Ops mission in Ukraine.

In Putin’s view, Russia had to take action now, to avoid going to war with NATO later. And I don’t think he was wrong, because the US and the rest of the world acted as if he was hallucinating when he tried to resolve points of contention, NATO began amassing troops throughout Eastern Europe, US lawmakers started calling for American boots on the ground and preemptive military strikes, and our President had already signed an agreement to support Ukraine’s Crimea Platform.

“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.”

Under international law, because Ukrainian forces attacked Russian soil, the Russian Federation has a legal right to launch a counter offensive against Ukraine, in defense of their own national security. Russia’s armed Special Ops are lawful and will continue to be lawful, unless and until points of contention are resolved. The UN has a responsibility to facilitate this peaceful resolution, and it is unlawful for other UN member states to impair Russia’s inherent right to self-defense.

In accordance with international law, the UN should be working to resolve and settle sovereignty issues concerning the Donbass Republics, and they should be working to resolve and settle sovereignty issues concerning Crimea. They should also be censuring UN member states who are behaving in contradiction to Article 51 of the UN Charter. Why aren’t they?

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1. Western OSINT sleuths confirm that Rostov-on-Don was struck by two Grad missiles on February 19th, ‘though they erroneously claim that, since the target was more than 21 km from Ukrainian forces, Rostov-on-Don was out of their range and the missiles couldn’t have been fired by them. Double-Fact-Check: Today’s modified Grad systems have a range of up to 45 km.

Deep Dive: Kids of Mariupol Catacombs (Azovstal)

The Ukrainian government and their taking heads are trying to push Western panic/sympathy buttons, with desperate pleas to save the children of Azovstal.

“It’s a war — everything they do and say publicly is designed to help them win the war. Every public statement is an information operation, every interview, every Zelensky appearance broadcast is an information operation.”

In their latest call-to-action, Ukraine’s Stratcom Centre released a heart-wrenching video featuring “Kids of Mariupol Catacombs” who haven’t seen the light of day for three months.

Curiously… one of the men (at around the 23rd second mark, below) shown in an earlier version of “Kids of Mariupol Catacombs”, happens to be an actor recently used in a revanchist propaganda piece distributed on Ukrainian social media.

Despite these appeals, President Zelenskyy has thus far rejected safe-passage offers from Russia, and the grown ups of Azovstal have failed to take advantage of several cease-fires issued by the Russian Federation, instead choosing to use their own children as human shields.

To justify rejecting Russia’s safe-passage offers, Ukrainian officials keep telling lies about the 2014 Battle for Ilovaisk…

… and their Social Media BLOB-Mob has revived tall tales about people being sent to concentration camps in Russia.

But if these UPA militants won’t use safe-passages offered by Russia, what are they really expecting from us? One social media campaign, launched by someone who claims to be in contact with “the Boys”, is calling for a third-party coastline rescue… to save the children from “the Orcs”. Yet another half-brained idea that would drag NATO into the mix (which would mean WW3).

Deep Dive: “For the Children” (Kramatorsk)

“The territory from which the launch came is 100% Ukrainian controlled.”

— Former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter

The train station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine was attacked with a missile, inscribed with a chilling message: “For the Children”. This devastating incident, resulting in at least 50 fatalities, has sparked outrage against Russia, and triggered a flurry of international activity, testing and reinforcing alliances, bringing us closer to World War III.

Kramatorsk is an anti-Maidan city, policed by Nazi militias since 2014. As such, some have anticipated that Russia would target it for liberation, and this military strike has produced a lot of speculation, as well as evidence against Ukraine that our officials are choosing to ignore.


The social media BLOB-MOB suggests that Russia may have targeted the train station to force evacuations to re-route eastward, fueling hysteria about the Red Cross sending refugees to concentration camps in Rostov.

Blue check BLOB-heads are using the incident to say that, “Russians are killing the people they say they’re trying to liberate,” in order to discredit the Russian Federation’s stated objective to de-Nazify Ukraine.

Some (Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, included) are adding the incident to their list of “Russian war crimes” that they’re using as a pretext for US and NATO forces to enter the fray (by putting boots on the ground to arrest Russian Federation troops for acts of terrorism), and to bolster their call for Russian President Putin to be arrested and tried as a war criminal.

Others are using the incident to discredit social media buzz about the Alley of Angels Memorial, dedicated to children from the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), killed by Nazi Right Sector militias during the Ukrainian Civil War.

Some, who are aware of the buzz, say that the DPR launched the rocket, in revenge for these children.

Ukrainian POW’s visit the Alley of Angels Memorial.

But based on the actual evidence, I personally think that Nazi militias are responsible for the train station bombing. I think that they are using this war as an opportunity to kill the people who they’ve always wanted to get rid of, and that they are framing Russia for it, in order to escalate hostilities and start WW3.

The Set-Up:

On April 7th, authorities urged residents of government controlled Luhansk and Donetsk to gather at the Kramatorsk train station for evacuation from the Donbas, in anticipation of a “rumored” attack from Russian Federation forces.

At the same time, “experts” were also telling reporters in Kyiv that Russia would try to damage Ukraine’s rail system in order to disrupt Ukraine’s energy supply lines.

On April 8th, Ukrainian officials announced that the Kramatorsk train station was struck by a Russian Iskander missile armed with a cluster charge.

The Facts:

Russia has been using Hail, Tornado, and Hurricane missiles, and video evidence shows that Kramatorsk was struck, not by an Iskander, but by a Soviet-era Tochka-U missile … thus far used exclusively in this war by Ukrainian forces, and frequently used by Nazi militias to bomb communities in the Donbas (most recently, on March 14th).



Supposed video “evidence” of Russia using Tochka-U missiles, that was first put into circulation on social media on April 1st, shows a convoy of Tochka-U missile launchers en route, by rail, from Russia to Belarus. So far, there are no credible reports of these missile launchers being deployed on Ukrainian soil.


The Hard Evidence:

The Tochka-U missile launched against Kramatorsk, and ones launched by Ukrainian forces against Melitipol, and Berdyansk in March, all carry a 915xx serial number. Irrefutably, they came from the same Ukrainian stockpile.

Amateur OSINT enthusiasts claim that the missile was fired on Kramatorsk either from a DPR position in the Donbas, or from Belarus, but forensic analysis (by an actual expert) reveals that, irrefutably, it was launched from Ukrainian controlled territory.

“The blue dot at the tip of the three arrows is the impact zone. The solid line is the azimuth of flight determined by the missile debris. The dotted lines show possible zones accounting for margin of error. The territory from which the launch came is 100% Ukrainian controlled.”

— Former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter

The Reality:

Without as much as a proper investigation, just as they did with Bucha, our leaders are making significant and frightening decisions, staging for another global war. And if we are not careful, our country will end up fighting that war on the side of fascism.

Both sides of this war accuse the other of fascism, but only one side is supporting actual Nazis.

Azov Battalion are hardcore Nazis, and people need to stop pretending that this is okay.


Opinion: There is no good reason, and not even a logical bad one, for us to start WW3.

Us: “Getting into the mix will start WW3.”
NeoCons: “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

NeoCons think WW3 would be good for the American economy and would strengthen our country. This is based on what happened to us during and after WW2. But we are not in the same position as we were during WW2.

WW2 increased American production and GDP because it gave women and people of color a door to production lines. But we wouldn’t see the same influx into the workforce this time around, and there would be no additional growth.

Our country joined WW2 relatively late, after other countries were already devastated. This meant that, in the aftermath, we were the ones who were in a position to help other countries get back on their feet, and they became indebted to us. This time around, we’ve taken lead into the war and are financing it from the start. We haven’t even joined the fight yet, and it’s already milking us dry. We’re being told to tighten our belts, more and more, after already having our finances devastated during the COVID pandemic. We wouldn’t come out of WW3 as the wealthiest country in the world, in a position to help anyone, let alone ourselves.

Moreover, we are seen as the ones who put an end to WW2, which increased our standing. This time, we’d be seen as the ones who helped start it. The Soviet Union also helped end WW2, but that did nothing for their standing because they are partly blamed (perhaps unfairly) for triggering it with the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

There is no good reason, and not even a logical bad one, for us to start WW3.

Deep Dive: Wary of Atrocity Propaganda (Bucha)

The Reasonable Doubt section of this post was updated on 24 April 2022.

“As long as there is a crazy regime in Russia, anything can be expected, which means that the existence of NATO is justified. This means that any discussion in NATO now will run into the question: What do you want, like in Ukraine? That is, money will be allocated, and rearmament will go on. And it will be the same in Europe. It’s just that all this will end with the utterance of one word: Bucha.”

Aleksey Arestovych (Meduza)


Garry Kasparov wants us to keep horrid images from Bucha and Irpin in mind while we decide whether to go all in (WW3) with Ukraine’s fight against Putin’s so-called Hitlerite army. But I’d like people to keep in mind that Nazis are very skilled at propaganda… so skilled, that they’ve convinced many Americans to fight on their side of the next global war (which they are determined to start).


Western media outlets are even going as far as to recycle WW2 era Nazi propaganda about the Red Army’s horde of rapists, in order to drum up animosity toward modern day Russia.

Russian Federation troops retreated from Bucha and Irpin a week ago. Now, after seven days, and shortly after Kasparov said we should “brace ourselves” for more news about Russian atrocities, we are being flooded with narratives about Putin’s brutal army… and how they allegedly massacred innocents throughout the town, raped their women, chopped children into pieces, and ate their dogs.

Just as we were told about Serbian troops, which turned out to be a lie.

Just as we were told about Libyan troops, which turned out to be a lie.

Just as we were told about Iraqi troops, which turned out to be a lie.

Atrocities should always be investigated by the proper authorities, but we should also be aware of our regretful tendency to fall for Atrocity Propaganda (WMD Lies). Especially since Ukraine has shown a willingness to tell lies to boost support for their cause, and our own government admits that the declassified “intel” that the White House disseminates isn’t always solid.

Reasonable Doubt

Updated: 28 April 2022

The Pentagon states that they are unable to independently confirm Bucha atrocities.

Prior to the current media blitz, all we heard about fatalities in Bucha was that all the men of fighting age had been killed.

March 5th Killing Spree

Headline: Maxar satellite images prove that bodies, later found on the streets of Bucha by Ukrainian forces, were there since Rus Fed occupation.

The Whole Truth: Those images only confirm that ELEVEN of the bodies were there since at least March 11th.

Headline: Azov drone footage* places Russian troops and eight bodies on a particular street in Bucha, at the same time, on March 11th and 12th.

The Whole Truth: There is no footage of those Russian troops actually killing those people.

Headline: Azov drone footage shows proof that Russian troops killed a Bucha cyclist on March 5th.

The Whole Truth: Azov conducted drone surveillance the whole time Rus Fed occupied Bucha, but the only supposed direct evidence they have of Russian troops killing unarmed civilians, is footage of a Z-marked APC shooting a cyclist on March 5th.

“Rus Fed occupied Bucha through March 30th.”

— Everybody

The cyclist wasn’t the only unarmed civilian killed on March 5th. People who ventured outdoors were being indiscriminately killed by snipers throughout the town that day.

In response to reports about the March 5th killing spree, Arestovych (Kyiv’s information war specialist) claimed that the city was under Rus Fed control, and that the Russians were shooting people to prevent them from evacuating the city.

The Whole Truth: The town changed hands a few times before March 30th. Rus Fed was repelled to the outskirts of the town on March 3rd, and did not retake the city until March 7th, which was when their armored convoy entered the city. Specifically: Three armored personnel carriers, reinforced by tank units.

Whatever armored convoy that was in the city on March 5th was under control of Ukrainian forces. It was either their own equipment, or Rus Fed equipment that was abandoned or captured.

An Azov member posted this video (above) on March 1st, of a Ukrainian armored column, moving into Bucha. Included in their column were two Z-marked APV’s that they said they had captured.

Archive, to mark proof that the video was posted on March 1st: web.archive.org/web/2022040717…

And, in case they ever delete the vid from their Telegram channel…


April Clearing

On April 1st, President Zelenskyy warned that, “There will be trouble for those who cooperate with Occupiers,” and the Ukrainian National Police deployed special forces (Azov) to “clear Bucha” of Pro-Russian saboteurs and accomplices.


What qualifies as a “Pro-Russian saboteur or accomplice”?

Posted on April 4th from Bucha, to Azov Battalion’s Sergey Korotkikh Telegram account:


Voice A: “There are guys without blue ribbons. Can I shoot them?”
Voice B: “Try.”

Many of the images circulating in news feeds show Russian humanitarian aid packages strewn about the victims.

Most of the victims were wearing white armbands, used by residents in Russian occupied areas to signal that they were Friendlies.

Mikhail Vershinin, head of the Mariupol “police patrol” (UPA Red Sector Sturmabteilung), currently hiding with the other Nazi sewer rats in Azovstal, inadvertently admitted in a phone interview that Ukrainian forces have been shooting unarmed civilians wearing white arm bands.


The kneeling men who were executed with their hands zip-tied behind their backs were dressed similarly to men seen in this video, who were apprehended and had their hands zip-tied behind their backs by Territorial Defense militants.


Some of the victims were killed while riding bicycles, and Ukrainian forces are notorious for suspecting bicyclists of conducting recon for Russia.

This image (so graphic, I don’t want to embed it on my website) shared by Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko on Twitter, captioned, “Tortured body of a raped and killed woman. I’m speechless. My@mind is paralyzed with anger and fear and hatred. #StopGenocide #StopPutinNOW”, was actually taken from a video report from Patrick Lancaster, filmed in a Mariupol school basement that Azov Battalion had just abandoned.

The Ukrainian government barred journalists from Irpin shortly after the battle began, and for a week afterward. Narratives are being shaped, not from eyewitnesses, but from analyses of the aftermath.

Moreover, their Bucha and Irpin narrative is being shaped by Azov Battalion and members of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion… both of whom are full of Nazis who want to start World War III, and who have vowed to sabotage any chance for peace with Russia.

Never Again

Meanwhile, American lawmakers and influencers are bastardizing the “Never Again” slogan to gain public support for literal Nazis who have been committing war crimes against the people of Donbas, with impunity, since 2014.


Astounding. Especially since congress has already acknowledged that Azov Battalion are Nazi war criminals, and has forbidden providing them with military aid since 2015.


Read More: Azov are hardcore Nazis, and people should stop pretending that’s okay.

Azov Battalion are hardocore Nazis, and people should stop pretending that’s okay.

Working notes and links to resources for a project I’m working on, about the Nazification of modern day Ukraine.

Why this is so important: Because contemporary Nazis are trying to reignite global war, with a stated mission to, “Lead the White Nations around the world in the last crusade of its existence… a campaign against Semitic-led untermenschen,” and no decent person should want to end up on their side of that fight.

Updated: 18 May 2022

During WW2, Ukrainian Nazis organized under the umbrella of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).

Their insurgent paramilitary wing was called the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

They were Ukraine’s primary collaborators with Nazi Germany, first operating as an underground movement that pacified Ukraine in preparation for Nazi invasion, then operating independently to lead their own ethnic cleansing campaigns.

The Social-National Party of Ukraine was founded in 1991 when Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union. The party’s ideology was modeled after the OUN’s, and Patriot Ukraine was formed in 1999 as their paramilitary wing.

In 2004, the Social-National Party dissolved, and its members reorganized as the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” and Our Ukraine parties. Patriot Ukraine reorganized in 2005, under the leadership of Andriy Biletsky.

“The Patriot Ukraine is the revolutionary vanguard of the Ukrainian social-nationalist movement. Established (restored) in 2005. Sets the most difficult tasks of defending the Nation, direct action; protective functions of Social-Nationalist Assembly.”

— Patriot of Ukraine, organization statement.

Ukrainian Racial Social Nationalism:


“Ukrainian Social Nationalism”. – Kharkiv: “Patriot of Ukraine”, 2007. – p. 3-5.

Patriot of Ukraine is a militant organization that professes the ideology of Ukrainian Social Nationalism. Our task is to fight for the creation of a powerful Social-Nationalist movement that will embrace the entire Nation and gain power in the State.

The main mystical idea of ​​Social Nationalism is to create, instead of a bunch of disparate individuals, mechanically united by the name “Ukrainians” and the presence of a Ukrainian passport, the National Supercommunity – a single biological organism consisting of New People – physically, intellectually and spiritually developed. From the mass of individuals must emerge the Nation, and from the weak modern man – the Superman.

Social Nationalism is based on a number of fundamental principles that clearly distinguish it from other right-wing movements. This is a kind of triad: Socialism, Racialism, Great Power.

I. Sociality. We are fighting to create a harmonious National Community. We argue that sharp social divisions lead to the decay and disintegration of the Spirit of the national community, as well as to the cultivation of selfishness. We do not rule out the existence of the rich (provided that their material values ​​are acquired through honest and socially useful work), but we reject the possibility of the existence of the poor. Every Ukrainian, regardless of the nature of the work performed, must have a decent social status and material security. “It’s a shame to be poor in a rich country, even more embarrassing to be rich in a poor country.”

From the principle of Sociality follows our complete denial of democracy and liberalism, which give rise to the division of the Nation into isolated units and the power of the gray crowd over prominent figures (ochlocracy). Instead, we put forward the ideas of National Solidarity, Natural Hierarchy and Strict Discipline as the foundations of our new society. Not the “democratic vote” of a mob that cannot give advice to its own life, not that of the life of the State, but the natural selection of the best representatives of the Nation – born leaders. Anyone who thinks that such a system of government is unacceptable should consider whether a modern system of government is acceptable, in which a prostitute and an academic have equal voting rights, where a degraded drug addict or pedophile is equally valued in an election with a tank division commander.

ІІ. Racialism. All our nationalism is nothing – a castle on the sand, without reliance on the foundation of blood, the foundation of Race. Traditional (post-war, post-Soviet) nationalism is characterized by putting the cart before the horse – to declare that the Nation is a linguistic, cultural or territorial-economic phenomenon. Of course, we do not reject the importance of spiritual and cultural-linguistic factors, as well as territorial patriotism. But, in our deep conviction, all these are only derivatives of our Race, our Racial nature. If Ukrainian spirituality, culture and language are unique, it is only because our racial nature is unique. If Ukraine is an earthly paradise, it is only because our Race has turned it into it.

Accordingly, the treatment of our National organism must begin with the Racial Purification of the Nation. And then a healthy National Spirit will be reborn in a healthy Racial body, and with it culture, language and everything else. In addition to the question of purity, we must also pay attention to the question of the fullness of the Race. Ukrainians are a part (and one of the largest and highest quality) of the European White Race. Race-Creator of a great civilization, the highest human achievements. The historical mission of our Nation, in this crucial century, is to lead and lead the White Nations around the world in the last crusade of its existence. A campaign against Semitic-led inhumanity.

III. Great power.We are replacing the slogan “Independent Ukraine” with the slogan “Greater Ukraine”. Ukrainians are a nation with a long imperial history. During their existence, Ukrainians had at least two superpowers – Greater Scythia and Kievan Rus. The task of the current generation is to create the Third Empire – Greater Ukraine. And this question, oddly enough, is not so much political as biological. Any living organism in nature tends to expand, reproduce, increase. This law is universal for the infusoria-shoe, and for man, and for the Nation-Race. Stopping, cessation of development means in the nature of extinction – death. Inhibiting population growth leads to the biological death of the Nation, the cessation of political expansion and the decline of the State. Thousands of times we have heard the moans of pseudo-nationalists about the oppression of us by the Poles and Moscow, their curses against empires. Social-Nationalism is not like that, he claims – if we are strong, we will take everything that belongs to us by right and even a little more, we will build our Superpower-Empire – Greater Ukraine, which will be the legal successor of the Scythian and Kievan Rus’ empires. If we are weak, then we have a place among the conquered dying peoples. Because such is Nature! The choice is ours!

Thus, Social-Nationalism raises on the shield all the ancient Ukrainian Aryan values, forgotten in modern society. Only their revival and implementation by a group of fanatical fighters can lead to the final victory of European civilization in the world struggle.

We stand on this, and we can not do otherwise!

Open Translation

Read more about what contemporary Ukrainian fascists believe and intend for the world, here.

Their movement was bolstered after the anti-Communist Orange Revolution by Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko, who enacted several Ukrainization (de-Russification) laws meant to shape a new Ukrainian National Identity, and established Jingoistic anti-Soviet/Russian programs that included the de-stigmatization and glorification of historical fascist Anti-Soviet heroes (the OUN and UPA).

One of the organizations established by Yushchenko was the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance (UINR), which was tasked with the restoration and preservation of national memory of the Ukrainian people.

UINR, on Ukraine’s National Identity:

View Ukrainization Flashcards

At the time, this socio-political effort raised concerns from academics like Timothy Snyder, and from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum about how it could lead to a revival of genocidal fascism in Eastern Europe.

Yushhenko’s policies were embraced in West Ukraine — a region heavily populated with descendants of the original OUN/UPA. But the majority of the rest of Ukraine proved to be anti-fascist. In 2010, that silent majority elected Viktor Yanukovych, who campaigned on promises to protect the civil rights and cultural freedoms of non-ethnic Ukrainians.

Yanukovych’s civil rights initiative was met with objections from nationalists who accused him of obstructing national unity, and his resistance to Ukrainization/de-Russificiation policies were portrayed by them as Anti-Ukraine/Pro-Russia, and even labelled as treasonous Russification.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International expressed alarm over mass xenophobia and significant deterioration of human rights in Ukraine.

In early 2014, after months of violent protest, the Ukrainian government was overthrown by fascist far-right groups who organized under the umbrella of the Right Sector. The new, self-appointed government then launched a terror campaign against regions who would not recognize their coup as legitimate, and the Western press ignored their atrocities.

The violence was perpetrated by Patriot of Ukraine, who were then re-organized as various battalions (such as, Azov) under the umbrella of Ukraine’s newly formed Territorial Defense Battalions (Three Revolutions, Page 108) who were called upon to conduct “Anti Terrorist Operations” in East and South Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government claims that while some of their members are Nazis, the Azov Battalion is not a Nazi army. But their sergeants and officers are required to study at a military academy named after the founder of the OUN, where they are trained to “follow his example”.

In 2015, Ukraine passed a law making it a criminal offense to shine a poor light on the OUN, or UPA.

Bloodbath in Bucha

I wish I could un-see the images from Bucha. The streets are littered with bodies, and it is said that Russian troops killed every man, aged 16-60.

It reminds me of what happened in Fallujah. Our troops dropped fliers on the city to warn of an attack, telling civilians to flee. After giving them time to do so, our troops took the city and shot every man of fighting age.

This is exactly what I thought would happen to cities in Western Ukraine, where residents were militarized as volunteers for Ukraine’s Territorial Defense, and were told to defend against Russian advancement. Zelenskyy did not send trained soldiers to protect his people, but left them to defend themselves.

While Zelenskyy uses these images to gin up animosity toward Russia, the blood of those people are also on his hands. He should have never provoked this war (with his Crimea Platform), knowing full well that he didn’t have a strong enough army to protect his people with.

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