Unroll: Creeping Fascism

My response to a pundit promoting low-key Nazi Master Race Theory on German television… originally published on Twitter and re-posted here (with TweetSpeak left intact) in case my Twitter account is suspended.

Putin is actually the most liberal leader that Russia, in all its manifestations, has had. Yet our leaders have painted him as worse than Stalin or Hitler, and we’re punishing the most liberal version of Russia worse than we ever treated the Soviet Union when it was still around.

On top of this, our leaders are implementing fascist policies to maintain the “Putler” narrative, and they’re peddling Nazi master race theory to heighten fear of Russians.

The West is being indoctrinated with Nazism, and the powers-that-be are successfully doing this by disguising Nazi ideology with pedagogy of the oppressed, to feign “European” victimhood. And they are well versed in Goebbels’ #MirrorPropaganda.

Compare and contrast Euromaidan Ukraine with Nazi Germany, and you’ll probably only find one difference: Euromaidan Ukraine uses token (non-Ostjuden) Jews as their frontpersons in order to disguise their Nazism.

Ensuring and securing a “white” Europe was always foundational to Nazism. And they didn’t just target Jews. Jewish victimhood is a large focus of Nazi studies, because the Nazis didn’t just want to expel them from Europe, but wipe them off the face of the Earth.

They also wanted to wipe the Gypsies off the face of the Earth, but there’s not much focus on this, because their numbers are low and their voice is small. They also wanted to push the Asians out of Europe and make “Eurasia” a distant memory.

“Decolonizing” Eastern Europe of Russians is the implementation of Nazi “Great White Replacement Theory” that’s been dressed up with language borrowed from leftist pedagogy of the oppressed, to make it more palatable to leftist bleeding-heart liberals.

So-called historical abuses of “indigenous peoples” in Eastern Europe is Nazi “Blood and Soil” ideology, dressed up the same way, for the same reasons.

The so-called “Captive Nations” are not captive to anyone. They are sovereign independent nations. What do they mean when they say they are fighting for their sovereignty? They’re *already* sovereign.

When they speak of decolonizing themselves of the Russkiy Mir… they’re talking about ethnic cleansing.

No, man. All of these bad things are happening, not because of Russia, but because of *fear* of Russia and the Russkiy Mir. And Ukraine doesn’t protect us from these bad things. Rather they are the source of it, by stoking that fear.

Every day in DONBASS is like 9/11, and has been for more than 8 years, while the Euromaidan has attempted to decolonize (ethnic cleanse) itself of the Ruskiiy Mir and try to prove their Europeaness (whiteness).

“Everything is blocked” because of the wall EUROPEANS are building… which includes sanctions and mines (on land and sea), and blowing up every bridge they come upon, along the way.

I got a little side tracked, but also wanted to say, our lessons largely ignore the Nazi’s anti-Russianisms, largely because the West adopted them after WW2. By ignoring this part of history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Russia “invaded” to protect the Donbass and Russian soil.

Look: naomiallen.blog/2890-2/

Zelenskyy’s advisors orchestrated the whole thing. They *wanted* this war. They just wanted to do it in a way that made Russia look like the aggressor. Classic Nazi trick. naomiallen.blog/zelenskyys_war…

Unroll: The Holodomor is Nazi Propaganda.

Originally published on Twitter.

The Holodomor narrative was crafted by Goebbels to convince people that the Jews were trying to wipe out white Ukrainians. It was one of the original Great Replacement Theories, and was used to foment hatred against Jews that fueled the Holocaust. socialistmlmusings.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/sto…

Even today, Ukraine’s Right Sector uses the narrative to frame white Ukrainians as the true victims of WW2 race violence, and Jews as the perpetrators. jpost.com/diaspora/antis…

“If everything is genocide, nothing is.” The Holodomor is a sophisticated form of Holocaust denial. jpost.com/israel-news/zu…

Modern day mainstream promoters of the Holodomor narrative are careful not to openly blame the “Bolshevik Jews”. They blame Stalinism. But they still promote the Great Replacement Theory: That the famine was used to replace white Ukrainians w/ Jews, Gypsies, Greeks, & Eurasians.

Back then, and now, this is how they say Russia “colonized” Ukraine. Decolonization = Ethnic Cleansing. It was so back then, and it is so now.

Euromaidan operatives are heavily promoting the Holodomor narrative right now, honoring the work of Gareth Jones. What they’re not telling you: Jones was a Nazi who worked closely with Hitler. discomfiting.medium.com/holodomor-fact…

The Euromaidan also likes to claim that the Holodomor justified white Ukrainian collaboration with Nazis, against a country that was allegedly trying to genocide them. This is a lie. Collaboration started in 1921, before the famine even started. …how-pre-ww-ii-ukrainian-fascists-pioneered-brutal-terror-techniques/

P.S. (15 Dec 2022) Paul Massaro from the U. S. Helsinki Commission just showed his ass by promoting Nazi “Russian colonialism” propaganda.

Timothy Snyder, too.