Contemporary Nazism in Ukraine

“One of the key barriers to combating Russian disinformation is that certain Kremlin-backed narratives are factually true.” — UK Home Office (Mintpress News)

The following documents (Ukrainian Racial Social Nationalism, Right of the Nation, and Program Project of the Patriot of Ukraine Organization) were retrieved from an internet archive of the now defunct Patriot Ukraine website, and are republished here for educational purposes. For a summary of how fascism has evolved in Ukraine since World War II, see my working notes on the Nazification of Modern Day Ukraine. Also a worthwhile read is Thierry Meyssan’s research on Ukrainian Integral Nationalism.

Ukrainian Racial Social Nationalism

Patriot of Ukraine is a militant organization that professes the ideology of Ukrainian Social Nationalism. Our task is to fight for the creation of a powerful Social-Nationalist movement that will embrace the entire Nation and gain power in the State.

The main mystical idea of ​​Social Nationalism is to create, instead of a bunch of disparate individuals, mechanically united by the name “Ukrainians” and the presence of a Ukrainian passport, the National Supercommunity – a single biological organism consisting of New People – physically, intellectually and spiritually developed. From the mass of individuals must emerge the Nation, and from the weak modern man – the Superman.

Social Nationalism is based on a number of fundamental principles that clearly distinguish it from other right-wing movements. This is a kind of triad: Socialism, Racialism, Great Power.

I. Sociality. We are fighting to create a harmonious National Community. We argue that sharp social divisions lead to the decay and disintegration of the Spirit of the national community, as well as to the cultivation of selfishness. We do not rule out the existence of the rich (provided that their material values ​​are acquired through honest and socially useful work), but we reject the possibility of the existence of the poor. Every Ukrainian, regardless of the nature of the work performed, must have a decent social status and material security. “It’s a shame to be poor in a rich country, even more embarrassing to be rich in a poor country.”

From the principle of Sociality follows our complete denial of democracy and liberalism, which give rise to the division of the Nation into isolated units and the power of the gray crowd over prominent figures (ochlocracy). Instead, we put forward the ideas of National Solidarity, Natural Hierarchy and Strict Discipline as the foundations of our new society. Not the “democratic vote” of a mob that cannot give advice to its own life, not that of the life of the State, but the natural selection of the best representatives of the Nation – born leaders. Anyone who thinks that such a system of government is unacceptable should consider whether a modern system of government is acceptable, in which a prostitute and an academic have equal voting rights, where a degraded drug addict or pedophile is equally valued in an election with a tank division commander.

II. Racialism. All our nationalism is nothing – a castle on the sand, without reliance on the foundation of blood, the foundation of Race. Traditional (post-war, post-Soviet) nationalism is characterized by putting the cart before the horse – to declare that the Nation is a linguistic, cultural or territorial-economic phenomenon. Of course, we do not reject the importance of spiritual and cultural-linguistic factors, as well as territorial patriotism. But, in our deep conviction, all these are only derivatives of our Race, our Racial nature. If Ukrainian spirituality, culture and language are unique, it is only because our racial nature is unique. If Ukraine is an earthly paradise, it is only because our Race has turned it into it.

Accordingly, the treatment of our National organism must begin with the Racial Purification of the Nation. And then a healthy National Spirit will be reborn in a healthy Racial body, and with it culture, language and everything else. In addition to the question of purity, we must also pay attention to the question of the fullness of the Race. Ukrainians are a part (and one of the largest and highest quality) of the European White Race. Race-Creator of a great civilization, the highest human achievements. The historical mission of our Nation, in this crucial century, is to lead and lead the White Nations around the world in the last crusade of its existence. A campaign against Semitic-led inhumanity.

III. Great power. We are replacing the slogan “Independent Ukraine” with the slogan “Greater Ukraine”. Ukrainians are a nation with a long imperial history. During their existence, Ukrainians had at least two superpowers – Greater Scythia and Kievan Rus. The task of the current generation is to create the Third Empire – Greater Ukraine. And this question, oddly enough, is not so much political as biological. Any living organism in nature tends to expand, reproduce, increase. This law is universal for the infusoria-shoe, and for man, and for the Nation-Race. Stopping, cessation of development means in the nature of extinction – death. Inhibiting population growth leads to the biological death of the Nation, the cessation of political expansion and the decline of the State. Thousands of times we have heard the moans of pseudo-nationalists about the oppression of us by the Poles and Moscow, their curses against empires. Social-Nationalism is not like that, he claims – if we are strong, we will take everything that belongs to us by right and even a little more, we will build our Superpower-Empire – Greater Ukraine, which will be the legal successor of the Scythian and Kievan Rus’ empires. If we are weak, then we have a place among the conquered dying peoples. Because such is Nature! The choice is ours!

Thus, Social-Nationalism raises on the shield all the ancient Ukrainian Aryan values, forgotten in modern society. Only their revival and implementation by a group of fanatical fighters can lead to the final victory of European civilization in the world struggle.

We stand on this, and we can not do otherwise!

“Ukrainian Social Nationalism”. – Kharkiv: “Patriot of Ukraine”, 2007. – p. 3-5.


In the conditions when the new state not only does not live up to national expectations, but also contributes to the gradual and comprehensive decline, degradation and extinction of the Nation, and demoliberal propaganda elevates the rights of individual individuals above the national ones, splits the single concept of the Nation, when national culture and traditions die out, giving way global anti-culture and anti-social pseudo-morality, and the single racial type of the Nation and the linguistic environment are dissolved by an alien racial and foreign-language element, in order to create the proper conditions for stabilization and further development, the affirmation of the Right of the Nation is necessary.

Any methods from public to underground, from local to global scale, from parliamentary to armed forces are acceptable for establishing the Law of the Nation. Delay in establishing the Law of the Nation can lead to irreparable consequences. The assertion of the Law of the Nation justifies any appropriate and sufficient violence and cruelty.

We, Ukrainian social nationalists, fighting against liberal-egoistic individualism and Asian herd collectivism, put forward as the highest world value and ideal:

I. The nation, as a natural community, the largest living spiritual and biological organism, having a common origin, racial type, mentality, language, territory of residence, culture, has an unconditional right to life, preservation of its racial and spiritual identity.

II. A nation has an unconditional and legal right to resist attempts to deprive it of its own self-sufficiency.

III. A nation has the right to fight both defensively and offensively against forces that seek to destroy or deform it.

IV. The nation has the right to the mono-ethnicity of its own state, as well as to full state independence and disregard of international norms, if they threaten the existence or normal development of the nation.

V. The nation as a closed genetic population has the right to get rid of foreign admixture on its territory by deporting its carriers to the historical territory of their residence.

VI. A nation has the right to improve its own health through the implementation of racial, eugenic, and environmental legislation.

VII. The nation has the right to restore its natural spiritual, cultural and linguistic space through the renationalization of its individual representatives and social and regional population groups that were denationalized as a result of foreign occupation, inclusion in multi-ethnic state entities or due to the influence of cosmopolitan culture.

VIII. The nation has the right to establish a socially just order in its own state, as well as to get rid of parasitic layers that try to appropriate the nation’s material values ​​through economic and political manipulations.

IX. The Law of the Nation prevails over the partial rights of individuals, families and social groups. Their rights are exercised within the framework and not to the detriment of the Law of the Nation.

X. The Nation has one inalienable duty – to implement the Right of the Nation in full and by all available means.

We give our lives, property and blood for the establishment of the Right of the Nation.

“Patriot of Ukraine” organization
September 17, 2006


The “Patriot of Ukraine” organization advocates a monoracial mononational society built on the principles of Ukrainian national greatness and social justice.

The sacred symbol of our Nation and Organization – the Trident – ​​symbolizes the trinity of our over-tasks in the global, national-racial and individual spheres:

I. Modern “civilized” humanity barbarically plunders and destroys the planet. At the same time, the exploitation of natural resources does not serve to achieve high goals at all, but only to the senseless accumulation of material values. With this attitude towards the planet, a global catastrophe awaits us. Only the Power that will be able to impose its own Will on the entire population of the planet, and which will be guided in its actions by Morality – using its own rule for the benefit of all humanity and the planet, can stop the modern practice. Only a community of White people under the leadership of the Ukrainian Nation can be such a Force. Only we, taking the helm of the planet, will be able to limit access to the bowels of the Earth and stop their plundering and use the resources of the planet to achieve Harmony and Justice.

II. The European Race is the creator of human civilization and culture. Everything higher, valuable and best on our planet is connected with the White Man. However, now the European is on the verge of biological destruction. A well-planned war is being waged against the White Race on the physical, spiritual, cultural, and civilizational levels. Throughout its history, Ukraine has been the vanguard of White civilization. Now is the time to fulfill your main purpose – to become not a shield, but a sword of White Europe, to save the White Man from extinction, to create new Ideals, to become a new Sun that will illuminate the European Nations.

III. The harmony of the world can be created only by a higher civilization. The Ukrainian Nation is capable of restoring the development of the White Civilization. The latter will be possible only under the condition of comprehensive and maximum development of the Ukrainian Man, who will become a person of a new model – perfect physically, intellectually and spiritually.

The implementation of these additional tasks will become possible after the implementation of the following program principles of our Organization:

Political system:

1. Ukrainian social nationalism competes for the creation of a political, social and economic system of the Ukrainian State based on the principles of Nationalism, which should ensure comprehensive and maximum development of the Ukrainian Nation and all its representatives.

2. Natsiocracy is the power of the Nation in its own State, which is based on the organized and solidary cooperation of all socially useful strata, united – in accordance with their social and professional and productive functions – in representative bodies of state administration.

3. The main principles of Naziocracy are national solidarity (superclassism and anti-partisanship), authoritarianism (personal responsibility of leaders at all levels for their actions), high-quality social hierarchy and discipline, social control, self-organization and self-government.

4. Politically, natsiocracy is a system in which political power belongs entirely to the Ukrainian Nation through its most talented, idealistic and nationally altruistic representatives, who are able to ensure proper development of the Nation and its competitiveness.

5. The Ukrainian State promotes the individual development of every Ukrainian person and his creative abilities as much as possible, and also encourages all forms of self-organization within the framework of professional groups and territorial communities. At the same time, the existence of political parties, groups, organizations and ideological groups is prohibited in the Ukrainian State.

6. The principle of direct interdependence of rights and duties is implemented at all state and social levels. Failure to fulfill obligations to the Nation and the State entails the restriction of the citizen’s rights or deprivation of citizenship.

7. The completeness of the supreme power (executive, legislative and judicial) of the Ukrainian State is in the hands of the Head of State, who bears personal responsibility to the Nation with his own blood and property.

8. The Head of State exercises his power through the State Government responsible to him, at the head of which he stands personally.

9. The Head of State convenes and dissolves the State Council and the Higher Economic Council.

10. The Head of State is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

11. The legislative institution in the Ukrainian State is the State Council, which is created on the basis of equal representation of all socially useful strata of the Nation.

12. Deputies of the State Council may not buy or lease state property, engage in entrepreneurial activities, own shares and bank accounts, as well as private property outside Ukraine.

13. The State Council consists of professional commissions, which are its working bodies and consist of deputies of the relevant profession. Only professional abilities give the right to law-making activity in the relevant field. The Head of State and Government ministers also have the right of legislative initiative.

14. Control over the state financial economy is carried out by the State Control led by the Chief State Controller, who submits to the State Council an annual report on all state revenues and expenditures, state funds and the general state of the State’s finances.

15. The economic policy of the State is carried out through the sectoral Economic Councils and the Higher Economic Council, as professional and state institutions that directly reflect the economic needs and interests of both individual working classes of the population and the Nation as a whole.

16. At the same time, the strict centralization of state administration implies a wide autonomy of local communities in the economic and public spheres.


1. The organization opposes the signing of international agreements and the accession of Ukraine to any supranational economic and financial structures that oblige Ukraine to cede part of its state sovereignty.

2. Dismantling the economic system of capitalism, as such, which ensures the plundering of the working classes of the population by groups of economic and political parasites.

3. Liquidation of all institutions and forms of political democracy, as a political system serving the economic system of capitalism.

4. Deprivation of the ground for the restoration of the system of speculative capital through the introduction of interest-free money, the prohibition of interest and land trade.

5. Nationalization of all strategic sectors of the economy.

6. Creation of autonomous production cycles in industries vital for national security, independence and self-sufficiency of the Ukrainian State.

7. Prohibition of non-state monopoly.

8. Support of small and medium-sized enterprises, protection by all possible means of the national producer of goods.

9. Return, including by force, of capital exported from Ukraine.


1. Agriculture is of primary importance for the Ukrainian Nation, which is not limited to economic expediency, but is primarily an important element of ethnic health and social stability.

2. Only Ukrainian peasants who work on the land have the right to own land in the Ukrainian State.

3. A Ukrainian peasant receives land from the State for lifelong and hereditary use.

4. Only the Ukrainian State has the right to expropriate land into state funds for actions unworthy of a Ukrainian peasant (improper management of the economy, non-compliance with environmental safety standards, serious criminal offenses).

5. The main forms of management are peasant cooperatives and one-person (farm) labor peasant farms.

6. Understanding the importance of the village as the foundation of the Nation, the Ukrainian State undertakes the financial support of lending to the village, as well as the introduction of fixed non-speculative prices for agricultural products.

7. In order to implement the latest technologies in the countryside, the Ukrainian State undertakes the financing of scientific and technical agricultural projects, as well as the creation of agricultural academies and courses where villagers can improve their professional level for free.

8. The state supports its own producer with a strict protectionist policy in all branches of agriculture.

Social policy:

1. The Ukrainian State considers work as an ethical and social duty to the Nation, and citizens as creators of spiritual and material values.

2. The ownership of all material assets belongs to the Nation and its working classes.

3. All types of physical and intellectual work have social value and are worthy of respect when they serve the interests of the Nation. With this in mind, the Natiocracy implements the principles of justice and parity in the payment of physical and intellectual work.

4. Any socially useful work is evaluated according to its quality, and not according to the so-called “prestige”. Conscientious performance of one’s duties guarantees a dignified and financially secure life for a person and his family.

5. The state assumes responsibility for the development and implementation of national programs to improve the material well-being of the population regardless of social status (“people’s car”, “people’s house”, etc.).

6. Creation of social cities – ideal cities in ecological, social and economic terms, instead of the current settlements polluted by industrial emissions and unsuitable for a healthy life.

7. Creation of health care complexes, parks, sports facilities, recreation areas. The broadest state program of active recreation, a healthy lifestyle, which will cover every Ukrainian person.

8. The creation of Ukrainian territorial and professional mutual aid organizations, which will contribute to the creation of a new type of interpersonal relations and the education of a responsible citizen.

Foreign Policy:

1. The organization advocates the great-power status of Ukraine, and therefore against the entry of the Ukrainian State into any blocs and supranational structures, except for those initiated by Ukraine and in which it plays a leading role.

2. In foreign policy, Ukraine exclusively defends national interests, relying on a powerful army and navy, economic and cultural dominance.

3. The initial priorities of Great Ukraine will be the creation under the auspices of Kyiv of the Central European Confederation (a bloc of countries located in the geopolitical triangle Baltic – Balkans – Caucasus), which will ensure geopolitical dominance on the Eurasian continent by establishing control over all important transport and transport and energy arteries .

4. The next step will be to join the Central European Confederation of Western European countries, previously freed from the dictates of deliberalism and financial capital.

5. Inclusion in the European Confederation of the Russian state organized on a national basis, which will allow to preserve the Ukrainian-European dominance in the spaces of Eurasia.

6. In the Middle East, Great Ukraine relies on cooperation with the state of Iran, which is related to European civilization culturally and partially racially, and which disposes of the resources necessary for Ukrainian industry.

7. The ultimate goal of Ukrainian foreign policy is world domination.

Military doctrine:

1. The most reliable ally of Great Ukraine is a strong army and navy. The Ukrainian Army should become the most powerful armed force on the planet.

2. Return of nuclear weapons.

3. Creation of a professional army – the National Guard, which will consist of 150-200 thousand soldiers and will be the backbone of the Ukrainian Army.

4. Creation of an all-Ukrainian defense army based on general military training and the principle of territorial military units.

5. Modernization of the Ukrainian Army according to the latest technology, which will take place on the basis of the domestic military industry and advanced Ukrainian science.

6. Creation of aerospace forces on the basis of multi-purpose aerospace systems according to the projects of the design bureau of H. Lozyno-Lozynskyi. Restoration of the Buran reusable spaceship program. Creation of a closed scientific and industrial cycle in the space industry.

7. Creation of the most powerful fleet of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, as well as the aircraft carrier squadron of the Open Ocean for operational actions in any part of the world. Creation of Ukrainian military bases in allied states.

8. To achieve military autarky (self-sufficiency), create branches of the military industry that are absent in Ukraine: aircraft construction (fighters), production of military helicopters and small arms.

9. Defender of the Motherland – a Ukrainian soldier, will have the highest status in the State, which will be achieved through the promotion of the exceptional role of the army for the Nation, the highest salary, exclusive social benefits (housing, training, car, etc.).

10. Preparation for army service will begin from childhood through a network of youth paramilitary organizations, which will be provided with camps and equipment at the expense of the State and will cover all Ukrainian youth.

Information policy:

1. Prohibition of commercial and private mass media as centers of dissemination of biased, biased and manipulative information.

2. The information society, which provides a flood of information (without a real opportunity to understand it) with the aim of manipulating a person, is subject to being replaced by a knowledge society.

3. The state undertakes the duty to provide its citizens with a full range of real knowledge and to prevent the spread of misinformation and the use of manipulative technologies.

4. The mass media and the journalist corps retain the full range of purely professional rights – to freely convey objective information to society. At the same time, the mass media lose the unnatural privilege of forming the so-called “public opinion”, which is a means of the most extensive manipulation of public consciousness, and in the conditions of political democracy serves the parasitic purposes of the oligarchic clans of financial speculators – the current owners of the mass media.

5. The Ukrainian State defends the independence of its own information space by all means. Dissemination of information on Ukrainian territory through foreign mass media is prohibited.

Language policy:

1. Carrying out real, not formal Ukrainization. The introduction of not only the Ukrainian language into all spheres of life, but primarily the Ukrainian content in education, science, culture, art, literature, mass media.

2. Monetary compensation to the Ukrainian population in the process of mastering the Ukrainian language. Creation of mandatory Ukrainian language courses for all population groups at the place of work, at the expense of working hours and with mandatory compensation from the State.

Education and science:

1. The purpose of upbringing and education in the Ukrainian State is to create a social type of person capable of an active creative life.

2. In the field of education, dogmatism, narrow specialization and imbalance between intellectual and physical development are not allowed. A healthy society needs a harmonious and comprehensively developed personality, capable of adequately perceiving reality and taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

3. Commercial education is subject to a complete ban. The state undertakes to provide free and high-quality education at all levels, as well as to encourage the intellectual development of every Ukrainian by all means.

4. Full freedom of scientific research is introduced in Ukraine, as well as state support for their application in the practical sphere.

5. The state provides large-scale support to fundamental scientific research and the development of the latest technologies, which should ensure the well-being of Ukrainian citizens and Ukraine’s leading position in the modern world.

6. Creation of Ukrainian science cities that will provide decent living and working conditions for the Ukrainian intellectual elite, as well as concentrate the nation’s intellectual potential.


1. Carrying out judicial reform with the transfer of responsibility for making court decisions directly to judges, which will ensure that court decisions are made in accordance with the spirit and not the letter of the law.

2. Restoration of the death penalty for particularly serious crimes as a means of improving society.

3. Strengthening punishments for crimes against the Nation and the State.

Health of the Nation:

1. Implementation of a system of penalties for harming the health of Ukrainian citizens and polluting the environment.

2. State assistance in the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies.

3. Prohibition of importing any harmful substances and transgenic products into the territory of Ukraine.

4. Implementation of real free medicine through proper financing of health care facilities and certain categories of the population (elderly people, “Chernobyl residents”, etc.).

5. Prevention of diseases through widespread propaganda and state support for a healthy lifestyle of citizens.

6. The introduction of severe punishments, including the death penalty, for the trade in narcotic substances and the deliberate spread of venereal diseases and AIDS.

Youth policy:

1. For Greater Ukraine, youth is the greatest value – the basis and support of the Nation.

2. The Ukrainian Nation directs all its efforts to the formation of an active, creative, all-round intellectually, spiritually and physically developed young Ukrainian citizen.

3. The means of forming such a person will be powerful youth organizations that should cover all spheres of social life.

4. The state undertakes to finance such organizations considering that such expenses are the most effective investments in the future.

5. Implementation of various contests, tests, competitions to identify future representatives of the Ukrainian elite and natural leaders among young people.

6. Ensuring the greatest promotion of young personnel in the political, scientific, military, and economic spheres in order to ensure the dynamics of the country’s development and prevent possible stagnation.

Demographic policy:

1. The most important task of the Nation is to preserve its own biological life.

2. In view of this, a radical increase in the birth rate among Ukrainians should become national program No. 1.

3. Today, Ukrainians as a nation are dying out at the fastest rate in Europe. The national program to increase the birth rate is designed not only to stop extinction, but also to cause numerical growth, and at the same time, the strength of the Ukrainian Nation, to give every Ukrainian family the opportunity to have 3-5 children.

4. The program will include unprecedented social guarantees: programs “youth housing”, “youth credit”, financial and material assistance from the State, development of a wide network of medical and recreational (sports and recreation) institutions “Mother and Child Health”.

5. The policy of the Ukrainian State in the demographic sphere envisages the transformation of public opinion regarding the family and the child from a liberal one (“each subsequent child is a burden on the family”) to a national one (“each subsequent child is a pillar of the family”). The largest families will be the most socially and economically protected in Greater Ukraine.

6. The state, by all possible means, promotes traditional family values, the sanctity of marriage and motherhood, and also prevents the spread of immorality, feminism, sexual perversions, and liberalism in society.

7. Abortions are completely prohibited, except for cases caused by purely medical circumstances.

Culture and art:

1. The state assumes responsibility for the maximum elevation of the cultural level of its own citizens.

2. The relevant state institutions are entrusted with the duty of familiarizing the maximum number of citizens with masterpieces of Ukrainian and world culture.

3. The state fosters among its citizens an idealistic worldview, devotion to spiritual maxims, the cult of heroism, self-sacrifice and nobility.

4. The state opposes all decadent and destructive artistic currents, as well as materialistic worldview and egoism.

Religion and spirituality:

1. Promotion of traditional, traditionalist and nationalist Ukrainian religious currents.

2. Creation of a single Ukrainian Apostolic Christian Church with its center in Kyiv.

3. Prohibition of the activities of religious cults and sects based on anti-national, anti-state or satanic principles, and the centers of which are located outside the borders of Ukraine.

“Patriot of Ukraine” organization
November 18, 2006