Rough Notes: Ukrainian Palace Intrigue

Blackmail, plots, Ukraine’s Nazi shadow government, and my first conspiracy theory.

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I think President Biden is being blackmailed and controlled. The change in his policy toward Russia and Ukraine was too sudden and too drastic. The recent media blitz about his son Hunter may be part of how pressure is being applied to him.

It’s no secret that Zelenskyy’s life has been threatened to make him go in the direction he’s taken, but I can’t help but think there’s even more going on. He, too, made sudden drastic changes in his foreign policy, and his comments often seem schizophrenic. Where is his wife and children?

I usually avoid speculation… but all of this has been on my mind after doing more research about certain people who are orchestrating the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict.

I just watched an old interview with one of Zelenskyy’s current advisors saying that blackmail is a legitimate tool that their movement can use against politicians to ‘squeeze them by the balls’, to counter Russian bribes they’re probably taking.

He said you can assume that they’re all taking bribes. So blackmail is necessary, and realistic. And he said people should deliver old videos of politicians to Victors of Maidan (which he considers him the leader of) that they can creatively edit, to create blackmail material.

Other methods that he described for controlling pro-separatist politicians and people of importance: Violence and the threat of violence from Patriots of Ukraine (aka Right Sector, Azov, and other Nazi militias) who are allowed to operate with impunity, treason laws, and exploiting “economic fetishes”.

In another interview, he said that people should not be bothered by the Nazis. They serve a purpose, and won’t suppress the people. They’re there to suppress the politicians and the dissidents in E. Ukraine, and to keep the streets safe.

In another interview, he said that people who commit war crimes and kill people in the name of revolution would be pardoned when the war is over.

Zelenskyy’s foreign policy totally changed once that guy became part of his cabinet, after Azov (this guy’s henchmen) threatened to overthrow the government and kill Zelenskyy because he was trying to implement Minsk Accords.

Zelenskyy confronting Azov Battalion in 2019, in the Donbas.

I downloaded the vids and will write something up about this later. This guy is evil a/f. He organized the Nazi militias, orchestrated the 2014 the coup, and says out loud that he was in cahoots with McCain.

“I am in communication with my comrade, McCain, and the Americans are with us.” Also: “Our Western consultants were here in hotel rooms during Maidan.”

… “They’re on board with the fight against the Soviet Union.”

I used to be skeptical about US actors being involved in the coup. Nuland saying, “Fuck the EU,” and selecting Yats for PM *after* the coup wasn’t proof enough for me. But I am now convinced that McCain’s NGO was involved.

That would be the International Republican Institute… who Kilimnik worked for.…

Help me out, guys. I haven’t gone through all the vids yet, but please download all of the ones published in 2014 and 2015 in case he gets around to deleting them. Start from the oldest ones first.…

Bloody hell. I just hatched my first conspiracy theory. Never thought I’d see the day.

The part that is NOT theory: Zelenskyy’s advisor is a shady Nazi who specializes in psychological warfare and pulls the political strings of Ukraine’s Nazi shadow government.

The part I am theorizing about: That his crew is blackmailing/coercing our president.

The coercion of Zelenskyy is pretty much public knowledge (or should be, for anyone who has monitored Ukrainian events since he first ran for president)… ‘though some think he’s in on it, for the money.

For those who may have not noticed how differently Biden was behaving at the start of this, check out the timeline of events I started keeping last year:…

And this is when the switch flipped, and his whole administration started acting nuts:…

The GrayZone’s @RealAlexRubi and @MaxBlumenthal wrote a decent piece about the switch happening with Zelenskyy:…