Unroll: Why I no longer support Ukraine

By Na'omi Allen
Mrs Allen is a disgruntled American veteran and this is her personal blog. She studies geopolitical phenomena, with a focus on countering contemporary Nazism.

This post was unrolled from Twitter, with Tweetspeak left intact.

My transition from being pro- to anti- Ukraine happened gradually over the last year, and I never took the time to apologize for arguing against people who tried to warn me about Ukrainian Nazis. Y’all were right, I was wrong, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. 🙏🏽

I’m grateful that we managed to still stay friends, and maybe it’s because no matter whose side of ‘the story’ we believed, we (Tulsi supporters) had the same goal: A peaceful resolution, no matter whose fault the Ukrainian mess is.

I used to say that it was not helpful to talk about Ukrainian Nazis because there were ethno-nationalists on both sides of the civil war. But that was before I realized that Ukraine’s Nazism is state sponsored, and they’ve been running an ethnic cleansing campaign since 2010.

Once you see the truth, you can’t un-see it. There’s nothing more important to me now, politically, than to expose these Nazis for who they are, and to expose the fraudulent Intelligentsia who promote their Nazi agenda while pretending to ‘defend democracy’.

First: The “No Capitulation” campaign that happened after Zelenskyy was elected and signed the Steinmeier Formula made me start to doubt the Pro-Euromaidan’s commitment to Minsk (which they spent years accusing Russia of sabotaging).

2nd: Last yr’s water crisis in Crimea. The UN called it a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ and Ukraine was refusing to restore Crimea’s fresh water supply. And Zelenskyy saying the water won’t be restored until Crimea is returned to Ukraine. So inhumane, it made Z look like a monster.

3rd: The Crimea Platform… and the executive order signed by Z to retake Crimea, Donbass, and *Sevastopol*, by military means if necessary. In my view, it was a declaration of war & triggered the stand off.

All of this made Ukraine seem like the one who is the bad actor in this situation. It made me do more research into *everything* that’s been going on in Ukraine, and into everything I once believed about what’s been happening.

I cannot even begin to explain how angry I was when I realized that we have been lied to. Even more angry than I was about being lied to about Iraq… because the stakes are *much* higher in today’s conflict.

People have been asking me to do a serious podcast for a few years already, and when I get around to it, I might begin by explaining why I once did, but no longer support the Ukrainian government. Maybe it will help others who fell for Ukro-Nazi propaganda to see more clearly.

The most disturbing thing in all this, besides how close we are to triggering WW3, is how deep UkroNazi Ops have been intertwined with our own government, for decades. It’s sickening to realize it, and spun me into a crisis of conscience.

For the trolls who insist I’m making up my transition and never supported Ukraine… I was such a hardcore supporter that leftist influencers accused me of working for the State Dept. I’m not pretending. & I’ll now be arguing against my old positions:

Here’s when the veil started lifting for me:

Here’s when I recognized that Zelenskyy is a monster:

I then started closely monitoring what was going on in the Black Sea. Every detail of every incident, and I monitored foreign news sources to get a fuller picture. naomiallen.blog/troubled-water…

I started getting pissed off at Western media for the dishonest way they were reporting the escalations. So many lies and omissions! I got into DM arguments with reporters about why they weren’t telling the whole truth.

They all told me the same thing (this was before Russia’s “further invasion”: They weren’t reporting about Ukraine staging for war because the war *already* started in 2014. They told so many lies I wondered if they lied, and how much they lied, back in 2014…

I started looking at all the pieces wrote by people I trusted to tell the truth. The “experts”… and in particular, in academia… and realized they were hacks.


All of the above just scratched the surface. More had to happen before the Euromaidan spell broke for me. For a bit, I was blaming Erdogan & the US energy industry for escalations. I was & am still convinced that some of what’s happening is about Black Sea natural gas pockets…

The next stage of my transition is more complicated, as it happened in academia, dealing w/ concepts the general public doesn’t typically bother with. At this point, I was trying to stay neutral between Russia and Ukraine, and was making an effort to stick to Realpolitik…

I started contacting a few guys I know who have written popular anti-Russia books, to try and persuade them to take a more neutral stance, and for them to start advocating for the US to stop arming Ukraine. I tried to help them see how Ukr was currently the provocative aggressor.

My position at that point: Ukraine is trying to start a war, probably over these natural gas pockets in the Black Sea & shady deals with Turkey and Exxon Mobile. Why are we so willing to start WW3 to enrich the energy barons?

I thought for sure that political scientists could not easily deny Realpolitik. I was wrong. Time and time again I hit a brick wall, over one singular and common theme: Aleksandr Dugin.

For political scientists, Dugin is a huge problem. Political scientists treat him like he’s radioactive… and rightfully so. Facts didn’t matter. As far as anyone was concerned, Dugin must be stopped, and Putin was his puppet. Dugin was why I became anti-Russia to begin with.

Since I was questioning everything at that point, I decided to do some deep research into why we, in academia, believe that Dugin is Putin’s Brain. Especially since this idea has taken precedent over facts. On what is this belief founded?

Several years ago, I worked on a research project about Dugin. I doubt that there is anything anyone can say that could convince me that the man isn’t the devil incarnate. Our paper passed peer review and was accepted to be published in a prestigious journal…

… but we ended up withdrawing the paper, because something about the whole process felt shady. Throughout the whole project, we kept getting referred to certain scholars who kept pushing us to draw connections between Dugin and Putin.

The problem: We didn’t actually see any real connections. It was all conjecture. At the time, we didn’t doubt the connection, but we didn’t want to write conjecture. We wanted the paper to be purely scientific, objective, and we did our best to not use rhetorical devices.

We withdrew the paper, because with all of the pushing, we were concerned it would somehow be propagandized. Having these conversations later, while I was going through my transition made me remember something significant:

The scholars we were referred to were Ukrainian. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but in retrospect, it bothered me.

For some time already, I had been trying to tell other academics that Dugin has closer ties to Turkey than he does to Putin.

Dugin is actually very critical of Putin.

Dugin has closer ties to Garry Kasparov’s Other Russia than he does with Putin’s government.

Dugin has closer ties to Navalny than he does to Putin.

Dugin is not “Putin’s brain”. In fact, Putin made Dugin an outcast in Russia.

Dugin has been used to frame Putin and Putin’s Russia as fascist. In just about every conversation you try to have with an academic about Ukrainian Nazis you get: “But Dugin!”

Pretty much: “Ukraine is barely Nazi. Russians are the real fascists, cuz Dugin!” Over, and over, and over again.

To be clear: The paper we wrote was purely about Dugin’s political philosophies. Specifically, his Fourth Political Theory, and about how it is re-packaged fascism. It wasn’t a political piece about Russia… but there was a LOT of pressure from others to make it so. We resisted.

Prior to these later conversations with academics, Ukrainian fascism wasn’t even something I was concerned about. In fact, I had pushed back on some of the allegations. I was one of those who wrote pieces about how Ukraine is ‘barely Nazi’.

Pieces like this, upon which I relied on other scholars who I trusted to be telling the whole truth. At some point I *will* name names. The scholar who advised me on this article is high profile. He is often a quoted “expert” on Ukraine in news pieces. medium.com/@NouaDoukai/th…

I know you guys see the dishonesty in the press. But it’s worse in academia, and without the intellectual dishonesty going on at the academic level, the press wouldn’t get away with their lies. The rot begins with the Intelligentsia.

Anyway – the push back I got from other academics, and the Dugin brick wall I hit, made me think long and hard about how the Dugin thing is used as a counter to narratives about Ukrainian fascism. So… really… how fascist *is* Ukraine, for real?

I started fact checking the trusted “experts”. And they should all be ashamed. The intellectual dishonesty is so deep, and the reality of Ukraine is that its Euromaidan government is Nazi a/f.

I’m sure that a lot of academics aren’t intentionally spreading lies. Like I once did, they believe what they say, based on what they’re reading from the established “experts”. But I have little hope that they’ll see the error of their ways. They’re too invested.

So… how Nazi is the Ukrainian government for real?


The #1 Big Lie that we were told: The Euromaidan was a peaceful protest held by democracy activists.

Here’s an example of actual intellectual dishonesty. Timothy Snyder, who writes article after article about how the Ukrainian government doesn’t have an ounce of fascism in them, even though he raised red flags about the rise of Ukrainian fascism in 2010. archive.ph/PxmTf

Now? He’s got selective amnesia. He knows he isn’t telling the truth, and is deliberately deceiving people. I’d like to know why.