Deep Dive: Wary of Atrocity Propaganda (Bucha)

The Reasonable Doubt section of this post was updated on 24 April 2022.

“As long as there is a crazy regime in Russia, anything can be expected, which means that the existence of NATO is justified. This means that any discussion in NATO now will run into the question: What do you want, like in Ukraine? That is, money will be allocated, and rearmament will go on. And it will be the same in Europe. It’s just that all this will end with the utterance of one word: Bucha.”

Aleksey Arestovych (Meduza)


Garry Kasparov wants us to keep horrid images from Bucha and Irpin in mind while we decide whether to go all in (WW3) with Ukraine’s fight against Putin’s so-called Hitlerite army. But I’d like people to keep in mind that Nazis are very skilled at propaganda… so skilled, that they’ve convinced many Americans to fight on their side of the next global war (which they are determined to start).


Western media outlets are even going as far as to recycle WW2 era Nazi propaganda about the Red Army’s horde of rapists, in order to drum up animosity toward modern day Russia.

Russian Federation troops retreated from Bucha and Irpin a week ago. Now, after seven days, and shortly after Kasparov said we should “brace ourselves” for more news about Russian atrocities, we are being flooded with narratives about Putin’s brutal army… and how they allegedly massacred innocents throughout the town, raped their women, chopped children into pieces, and ate their dogs.

Just as we were told about Serbian troops, which turned out to be a lie.

Just as we were told about Libyan troops, which turned out to be a lie.

Just as we were told about Iraqi troops, which turned out to be a lie.

Atrocities should always be investigated by the proper authorities, but we should also be aware of our regretful tendency to fall for Atrocity Propaganda (WMD Lies). Especially since Ukraine has shown a willingness to tell lies to boost support for their cause, and our own government admits that the declassified “intel” that the White House disseminates isn’t always solid.

Reasonable Doubt

Updated: 28 April 2022

The Pentagon states that they are unable to independently confirm Bucha atrocities.

Prior to the current media blitz, all we heard about fatalities in Bucha was that all the men of fighting age had been killed.

March 5th Killing Spree

Headline: Maxar satellite images prove that bodies, later found on the streets of Bucha by Ukrainian forces, were there since Rus Fed occupation.

The Whole Truth: Those images only confirm that ELEVEN of the bodies were there since at least March 11th.

Headline: Azov drone footage* places Russian troops and eight bodies on a particular street in Bucha, at the same time, on March 11th and 12th.

The Whole Truth: There is no footage of those Russian troops actually killing those people.

Headline: Azov drone footage shows proof that Russian troops killed a Bucha cyclist on March 5th.

The Whole Truth: Azov conducted drone surveillance the whole time Rus Fed occupied Bucha, but the only supposed direct evidence they have of Russian troops killing unarmed civilians, is footage of a Z-marked APC shooting a cyclist on March 5th.

“Rus Fed occupied Bucha through March 30th.”

— Everybody

The cyclist wasn’t the only unarmed civilian killed on March 5th. People who ventured outdoors were being indiscriminately killed by snipers throughout the town that day.

In response to reports about the March 5th killing spree, Arestovych (Kyiv’s information war specialist) claimed that the city was under Rus Fed control, and that the Russians were shooting people to prevent them from evacuating the city.

The Whole Truth: The town changed hands a few times before March 30th. Rus Fed was repelled to the outskirts of the town on March 3rd, and did not retake the city until March 7th, which was when their armored convoy entered the city. Specifically: Three armored personnel carriers, reinforced by tank units.

Whatever armored convoy that was in the city on March 5th was under control of Ukrainian forces. It was either their own equipment, or Rus Fed equipment that was abandoned or captured.

An Azov member posted this video (above) on March 1st, of a Ukrainian armored column, moving into Bucha. Included in their column were two Z-marked APV’s that they said they had captured.

Archive, to mark proof that the video was posted on March 1st:…

And, in case they ever delete the vid from their Telegram channel…


April Clearing

On April 1st, President Zelenskyy warned that, “There will be trouble for those who cooperate with Occupiers,” and the Ukrainian National Police deployed special forces (Azov) to “clear Bucha” of Pro-Russian saboteurs and accomplices.


What qualifies as a “Pro-Russian saboteur or accomplice”?

Posted on April 4th from Bucha, to Azov Battalion’s Sergey Korotkikh Telegram account:


Voice A: “There are guys without blue ribbons. Can I shoot them?”
Voice B: “Try.”

Many of the images circulating in news feeds show Russian humanitarian aid packages strewn about the victims.

Most of the victims were wearing white armbands, used by residents in Russian occupied areas to signal that they were Friendlies.

Mikhail Vershinin, head of the Mariupol “police patrol” (UPA Red Sector Sturmabteilung), currently hiding with the other Nazi sewer rats in Azovstal, inadvertently admitted in a phone interview that Ukrainian forces have been shooting unarmed civilians wearing white arm bands.


The kneeling men who were executed with their hands zip-tied behind their backs were dressed similarly to men seen in this video, who were apprehended and had their hands zip-tied behind their backs by Territorial Defense militants.


Some of the victims were killed while riding bicycles, and Ukrainian forces are notorious for suspecting bicyclists of conducting recon for Russia.

This image (so graphic, I don’t want to embed it on my website) shared by Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko on Twitter, captioned, “Tortured body of a raped and killed woman. I’m speechless. My@mind is paralyzed with anger and fear and hatred. #StopGenocide #StopPutinNOW”, was actually taken from a video report from Patrick Lancaster, filmed in a Mariupol school basement that Azov Battalion had just abandoned.

The Ukrainian government barred journalists from Irpin shortly after the battle began, and for a week afterward. Narratives are being shaped, not from eyewitnesses, but from analyses of the aftermath.

Moreover, their Bucha and Irpin narrative is being shaped by Azov Battalion and members of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion… both of whom are full of Nazis who want to start World War III, and who have vowed to sabotage any chance for peace with Russia.

Never Again

Meanwhile, American lawmakers and influencers are bastardizing the “Never Again” slogan to gain public support for literal Nazis who have been committing war crimes against the people of Donbas, with impunity, since 2014.


Astounding. Especially since congress has already acknowledged that Azov Battalion are Nazi war criminals, and has forbidden providing them with military aid since 2015.


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