Bloodbath in Bucha

I wish I could un-see the images from Bucha. The streets are littered with bodies, and it is said that Russian troops killed every man, aged 16-60.

It reminds me of what happened in Fallujah. Our troops dropped fliers on the city to warn of an attack, telling civilians to flee. After giving them time to do so, our troops took the city and shot every man of fighting age.

This is exactly what I thought would happen to cities in Western Ukraine, where residents were militarized as volunteers for Ukraine’s Territorial Defense, and were told to defend against Russian advancement. Zelenskyy did not send trained soldiers to protect his people, but left them to defend themselves.

While Zelenskyy uses these images to gin up animosity toward Russia, the blood of those people are also on his hands. He should have never provoked this war (with his Crimea Platform), knowing full well that he didn’t have a strong enough army to protect his people with.

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