Opinion: Caitlin Johnstone is an Anti-American regime change PsyOp.

Australian blogger Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz), who spends all the live-long day educating people about the evils of American Empire, has inadvertently outed herself as a foreign influence Op meant to foment regime change in America.

“The only thing that can cause an end to the oppression and exploitation is an end to the oligarchic empire, and the only thing that can cause the end of the oligarchic empire is direct action by the American people: mass-scale activism, general strikes, and civil disobedience the likes of which the nation has never before seen, in sufficient numbers to bring down the plutocratic institutions which maintain the status quo.”

— Caitlin Johnstone (SubStack)

“Some people call me an Op,” she said, in a Twitter thread warning people about “COINTELPRO-like tactics” that she is convinced the US government is using to discourage leftists from, “getting revolution off the ground”. She encouraged people to not get paranoid about coppers, and to “keep chugging along”. For her part, she said she will continue to amplify worthy “socialist anti-imperialists”.

Who can blame her? Chick’s making bank fucking with our heads.

Of course, it’s a free country… and people can keep soaking up her revolutionary vibe if they want to… but when their asses are in prison for participating in a violent uprising, she’ll be in Oz sipping Sangria.

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