Opinion: There is no good reason, and not even a logical bad one, for us to start WW3.

By Na'omi Allen
Mrs Allen is a disgruntled American veteran and this is her personal blog. She studies geopolitical phenomena, with a focus on countering contemporary Nazism.

NeoCons think WW3 would be good for the American economy and would strengthen our country. This is based on what happened to us during and after WW2. But we are not in the same position as we were during WW2.

WW2 increased American production and GDP because it gave women and people of color a door to production lines. But we wouldn’t see the same influx into the workforce this time around, and there would be no additional growth.

Our country joined WW2 relatively late, after other countries were already devastated. This meant that, in the aftermath, we were the ones who were in a position to help other countries get back on their feet, and they became indebted to us. This time around, we’ve taken lead into the war and are financing it from the start. We haven’t even joined the fight yet, and it’s already milking us dry. We’re being told to tighten our belts, more and more, after already having our finances devastated during the COVID pandemic. We wouldn’t come out of WW3 as the wealthiest country in the world, in a position to help anyone, let alone ourselves.

Moreover, we are seen as the ones who put an end to WW2, which increased our standing. This time, we’d be seen as the ones who helped start it. The Soviet Union also helped end WW2, but that did nothing for their standing because they are partly blamed for triggering it (Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact).

Us: “Getting into the mix will start WW3.”
NeoCons: “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
Us: “It would be.”

There is no good reason, and not even a logical bad one, for us to start WW3.

The #BlobMOB swiftboats Tulsi Gabbard… again.

Tulsi’s patriotism is her strongest political asset. It’s why her political opponents work so hard to discredit it with these outrageous accusations that are grounded in nothing, wholly built on rhetorical appeals to people’s base prejudices. This is heinous #Swiftboating.


What are Tulsi’s inexplicable (unexplainable) pro-Russian positions?

  • We should smash al-Qaeda instead of arming them.
  • The Presidential Transition Act is an important law that keeps our democracy stable, and it should be adhered to.
  • Mrs Clinton is not the Queen of America.
  • Don’t do dumb shit just to /pwn/ Putin.

These positions are “inexplicably” pro-Russian… because it takes inexplicable pretzel logic to make them seem “pro-Russian”. And yet, that’s what they try to do.

But… voilà! An alleged Russian agent (US Citizen who ran a Russian-American cultural program) bought a t-shirt from her campaign site, and that now totally and clearly explains how Tulsi is a Russian asset. Mystery solved! 🧑🏽‍🌾👨🏽‍🌾👩🏽‍🌾

P.S. Tulsi is a Lt Colonel in the US Army and serves our country as a Special Ops Officer, which requires a Top Secret security clearance. During the 2020 campaign season, when everyone was so worried about foreign spies, she was the most thoroughly vetted person in the race… unlike her accuser, Mrs Clinton, whose security clearance was withdrawn in 2018… quite strange for a former Secretary of State, who would usually maintain a security clearances for a lifetime.

The Queen of Warmongers has spoken.

Mrs Clinton went on MSNBC [read: CIAtv] to encourage the #BlobMOB to oppress and suppress the free speech rights of Fellow Americans who she has deemed literal traitors for not toeing the War Party’s line.


Laurence Tribe (a widely respected constitutional law expert who now works for Bill Kristol’s NeoCon rag, The Bulwark) was one of the original propagators of the #WarPropaganda campaign that calls for people who counter the Warmonger narrative to be *literally* arrested for treason. He even armed people with a dubious legal argument for it.


His comment kept me up for a few nights… because he sometimes name-drops Merrick Garland, as if he has our Attorney General’s ear. I was also astounded that he, who was once known as a *sound* realist, had gone full NeoCon.

Professor Tribe deleted his Tweet, but not before it laid the groundwork for war propaganda espoused by Women Consensus Builders of The View, who asserted that to go against the Warmongers is to “aid and abet, and give comfort to the enemy”. And I guess we’re supposed to be cool with this authoritarian rubbish, because it supposedly only hurts “people on the right”.

The View also established *how* people are allegedly “aiding and abetting, and giving comfort to the enemy”: Counter-narratives are supposedly being broadcast by Russian media (Hillary repeats this line), thus providing Putin with propaganda to “bolster” Russia’s cause.

Orders for this attack against independent journalists and common citizens who question the state approved narrative, and who share a bigger picture of this war (in pursuit of the whole truth and practical solutions that could prevent end this war), originated from the White House. At the time, they were attempting to silence anyone who was sounding alarm bells about how Ukraine’s provocative behavior could trigger World War III.

White House launches preemptive strike against Truth, calls for bullying of independent minded journalists who counter war propaganda.

They sit there, with their smug faces, telling us that our own democracy depends on defending democracy abroad… but their strategy for “defending democracy abroad” includes suppressing freedoms at home.


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