Fake Maternity Leave for All

Other countries call what Bernie Sanders is pretending to do, “Maternity Leave“. And, no. I’m not ‘satisfied’ with the fact that our country doesn’t give women enough paid maternity leave… but neither does his stupid bill.

Women should be given at least a year, and as much as two years, in government sponsored/protected maternity leave/accommodations, to give us enough time to heal from the trauma of birth, to nurse our babies, and because it has been proven that mother-baby separation during the first two years of life is psychologically damaging for children.

We’ve been fighting for this for decades. Instead, we’ve ended up with… 4 weeks? Which is less than what most of us already have. And, why? So other parental units, who do not share our unique and inherent issues, can share the benefit, equally? So men people with dicks can stop crying about how #WOMYN are granted special privileges because of their vaginas?

This is just one more reason why we shouldn’t let legislators adopt this stupid delusion that differences in biological sex don’t exist. Women didn’t come all this way just to go back to having our *unique* issues ignored. Did we?

Pardon me. I guess I should’ve said, birthing-menstruators-who-chestfeed-newborn-progeny… aka, “Breeders”.

Of course, there are economic factors that need to be considered, but that part of the issue deserves its own, separate debate… and we can’t move on to that part of the maternity leave argument, until we settle this one.

Why the CIA hates Tulsi Gabbard.

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(Updated on 14 March 2022, with info about Clint Watts.)

A large number of people were dissuaded from @TulsiGabbard because she kept telling us that the “rebels” our CIA was providing aid and comfort to were al-Qaeda (our only declared enemy). We were told that she was spreading treasonous lies, but people are now learning that what she’s been saying is true.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the primary swiftboaters, who try to make @TulsiGabbard look like a traitor and “Russian asset” for calling out the CIA’s dirty deeds in Syria, are former CIA agents and their cohorts.

People like Clint Watts, who accused her of lying about our government’s covert Ops to back al-Qaeda…

… even though he personally think-tanked this dumb ass policy.

And people like Evan McMullin, who was instrumental in putting this scheme into play by organizing the dubious Caesar Torture Photos used to get congress onboard.


McMullin’s version of truth: The al-Qaeda guys the CIA works with are the good guys… cuz they’re fighting the bad guys for us.


McMullin’s version of truth: The good al-Qaeda terrorists, who we pay and give guns to, are now “rebels”. All the bad ones are now ISIS…


… and anyone who says otherwise is an Assad loving, Putin stooge.


👆🏽 CIA talking points.

Note from the date, Evan started this propaganda campaign against Tulsi before she even made that controversial trip to Syria, and long before she even became a candidate for the 2020 presidency.

CIA talking points:

Read More: archive.is/pYXhs

Does the CIA and our USIC even work for America anymore? It doesn’t look like it to me… especially since they’re so willing and eager to throw a proven patriot under the bus to protect their al-Qaeda friends.

Why the CIA hates @TulsiGabbard:


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White House launches preemptive strike against Truth, calls for bullying of independent minded journalists who counter war propaganda.

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Yesterday, the White House didn’t just report that Russia was staging a False Flag in Ukraine, they called for people who question this narrative to be “called out” as influencers who they alleged are spreading disinfo for Russia.

Starting at min 22:47, Psaki says that influence Ops accusing Ukraine of creating a humanitarian crisis, and attempting to frame them as the aggressor in current matters, are spreading disinfo meant to provide Russia w/ a pretext for invading Ukraine.


She also stated that they had intel that Russia had operatives in place who were trained in guerrilla warfare and explosives, who were “in place” to stage a false flag against their own proxies and “Russian speaking” people in Ukraine, to give them an excuse to invade…

But most of her message was about “disinfo”, which she said followed “the same playbook” used before Russia invaded Crimea: Propaganda that set the stage for sabotage (false flags) that supposedly helped Russia fabricate a justification for putting boots on the ground there.

CNN reports that, according to intel reports, the disinfo Ops started in December.


That would have been around the time Biden held a video conference with Putin and they attempted to define their red lines.

Psaki’s comments are really bothering me a lot. Because I started keeping a timeline on Ukraine’s aggression and human rights violations, since early last summer. It sickens me, to see how much we’re being lied to about what’s happening in the Black Sea.


What the White House just did, was a preemptive strike against independent journalists and independent researchers, to suppress the truth. The lies have never felt more deliberate to me before… maybe because I now feel personally targeted.

I’ve written about Ukraine’s provocations, violation of Minsk protocols, and the humanitarian crisis they’ve imposes on Crimea and the Donbas over the last year. None of what I say is meant to provide Russia justification for “invading Ukraine”…

… quite the opposite. Americans need to open their eyes and realize that Ukraine, Turkey, and global energy barons are trying to purposefully provoke a war between NATO and Russia. I would like to prevent war, not trigger one. That war would do our country more harm than good.


Ukr has been lobbying countries to censor their own media, for “propaganda” against Ukr. The main thing they’re having a fit over: Expose pieces about Ukraine’s Minsk violations, which include Ukr troops launching attacks on civilian areas in the Donbas.

Makes perfect sense that this is why ex-CIA fuktwit Ned Price was the first of our US officials to spew this narrative, about people supposedly lying about Ukraine’s malign behavior and provocations.

What they want to discredit: Fact that Ukraine broke the cease fire, Ukraine violated the Minsk agreement first, Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis in the Donbas and Crimea, and Ukraine & Turkey have been staging for war w/ Russia for over a year.


If more of the public understood what was going on, it would hinder the effort to gain public consensus in favor of going to war with Russia. Especially if they knew it was being done to help Erdogan gain control the Black Sea, to secure natural gas pockets they found there…

… and which they cut a deal with ExxonMobil and Chevron to extract.

The war hawks want us to do a first strike, but Biden is very unlikely to call for one. So, now, they are racking their brains to come up with another plan, that won’t make Ukraine look like the aggressor.

What makes no sense: Ukr has been attacking the Donbas for 8 years already, and Russia didn’t retaliate or “invade” over it. If they were going to respond to such a thing, they would’ve done it already. They don’t need to fake a false flag. There have been real ones done already.

All of this makes me wonder if the “false flags” that were done in Crimea after the Maidan Revolution, weren’t *actual* attacks launched by Kiev. I never doubted the official story about that before. But now? After their latest stunt? I dunno, man.

Funny thing for Olga to say. If anyone knows how to use KGB tactics, it’s her employers. Khodorkovsky was pulled from obscurity by moneyed former KGB agents who helped him become *the* richest Oligarch in Post-Soviet Russia.

Info-Scrubbing has begun. Military . com deleted this article from their website, but I grabbed a web archive. They’re trying to memory-hole military agreements made between Ukraine and Turkey, against Russia, in October 2020.


Ex-CIA FukTwits: “Putin is looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine!”
Warmongers: “Let’s give him one!”

The Blob doubles down on their calls to deter Russia with preemptive punishments.


Of course, Bill Kristol leads the red-baiting parade.

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