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Unroll: Why Merck sabotaged their own Ivermectin product.

Well. This explains the propaganda campaign against Ivermec. Pfizer and Merck have partnered to provide us with Molnupiravir.

Pfizer, Merck start testing COVID prevention pills in late-stage trials
The drugs, each given orally as a pill, would provide an unprecedented COVID-19 preventive medication option if brought to market.

Molnupiravir does what Ivermec does: Inhibits replication of an RNA virus, although it uses a different mechanism. Ounce per ounce comparison: Molnupiravir has stronger viral suppression for a shorter amount of time. Ivermec has weaker suppression, for a longer amount of time.

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Ivermec works by preventing an RNA virus from penetrating a cell (infection) where it can gather materials to reproduce itself. Molnupiravir works by damaging a virus’s nucleus, so it can’t reproduce.

The active ingredient in M: N4-hydroxycytidine, is controversial. It would have never gotten FDA approval for human clinical studies if it weren’t for our covid “emergency”.

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β-d-N4-hydroxycytidine Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Through Lethal Mutagenesis But Is Also Mutagenic To Mammalian Cells – PubMed

Mutagenic ribonucleosides can act as broad-based antiviral agents. They are metabolized to the active ribonucleoside triphosphate form and concentrate in genomes of RNA viruses during viral replicatio…

Straight up, you guys… Ivermec does the same fricken thing Molnupiravir would, but through a method that is KNOWN to be safe for us. It’s why front line workers around the world are using it as a prophylactic and PREP, to protect themselves in high exposure environments.

I really have found no proof that Ivermec works to cure/treat systemic COVID, but it has worked in ALL of the cohort studies I’ve read, as a PREP and prophylactic. Cohort studies: Healthcare workers doing their own studies because the “experts” refuse to do it officially.

The NIH, FDA, and CDC are supposedly looking to see if Ivermec works to “treat” COVID. I expect those studies to fail, and it will be used to discredit the product. But “treatment” is not what this drug is ideal for…

It stops replication. If too much time has passed and the disease is already systemic, there is already too much of the virus in the system for the drug to be used effectively at a safe dose. That it won’t “treat or cure” COVID is a straw man. It’s not what we should fight for, with Ivermec.

We should demand that Ivermec be tested as a prophylactic and PREP, not a “treatment”. Problem: Ivermec is made by Merck, and they’re not likely to submit it for such a study, since that would sabotage their new product, Molnupiravir.

Why wouldn’t they want to promote their own existing and currently FDA approved product if it works? My guess: Because it’s no longer patented, and other companies can make generic versions of it.

I’m only guessing about motives, and some may call me a “conspiracy theorists” for saying such a thing. But none of that erases the actual science. We can guess about motives all the live long day. But the science says Ivermec does what Molnupiravir does, but Ivermec is already KNOWN to be safe…

As far as Molnupiravir’s safety… we’ll get the typical, “Unknown… but the benefits outweigh the risks, cuz the only alternative is DEATH, so STFU you murderous bastards,” bullshit.

I’ve been struggling to understand why Merck would say Ivermec is “horse paste” and doesn’t work, unless it really doesn’t work, since it’s their own product… and why won’t they acknowledge that some Ivermec products ARE packaged for human consumption, and that there IS proof that it works as a PREP for RNA viruses. Now, I think I understand why, and that’s the only reason why I mention motives now.

Please bookmark this article to share, as proof, when you say that people are being made fun of for taking Ivermec when it does the same damn thing lord savior Pfizer’s miracle pills are supposed to do:…

Please download this cohort study and share with your physicians… the largest and only PEER REVIEWED cohort study, testing the efficacy (highest dose and frequency needed to be safe and effective for long term use) of Ivermec as a prophylactic and PREP.

Prophylactic Role of Ivermectin in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection Among Healthcare WorkersIntroduction Healthcare workers (HCWs) are vulnerable to getting infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Preventing HCWs from getting infected is a priority to mai…

Precaution: Please do not take Ivermec without medical supervision. In South Africa, people were buying it off the black market, taking it on their own, and ended up with liver damage because they weren’t taking it properly, or shouldn’t have been taking it to begin with because of other problems.

It is a form of chemotherapy… just keep that in mind when discussion your options with your physicians. There *are* risks for some people, and it’s up to you and your doctor to figure out if your personal situation makes those risks worth taking.

Take care. Love you guys!

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Today’s Russia is embarrassingly more liberal than today’s America.

President Putin recently addressed the Russian people, to let them know that the Russian government would not be mandating compulsory vaccinations.


“Vaccination is the main weapon against the spread of the virus. Importantly, no one should be forced to get a jab. Pressure, where people may lose their jobs, is even less acceptable. People must be convinced of the need to get the vaccine. This must be done persistently and respectfully. People should be convinced of the need to get vaccinated in order to save their lives and health, and to protect their loved ones.”

— Putin


Yesterday, Pfizer’s mRNA Covid-19 vaccination got a new name, full FDA approval, and an extension on their Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Let’s talk about what this all means.


Why I don’t support mask mandates for schools.

RSV is more dangerous and prevalent, and kills our children at twice the rate of Covid, but people haven’t lost their fucking minds over it. Shall we bundle our kids in bubble wrap and never let them leave the house again?

A recent study conducted by Waterloo University confirms: N95 grade masks are the only ones that somewhat work to stop transmission.

Unfortunately, habitual use of N95 masks do not come without their own health risks. CDC officials have dismissed concerns about prolonged mask use causing hypoxia by showing us data proving that wearing a mask does not lower oxygen levels in our bloodstream. But this does not explain why so many struggle to breathe while wearing an N95 mask for more than a short period of time.

Oftentimes, for the whole truth, we need to look at studies that have nothing to do with Covid-19, or ones that are not meant for the general public… like this article, written for surgical staff to help them learn how to overcome “physiologic implications” invoked by prolonged N95 mask usage. N95 masks won’t reduce your oxygen levels, but they will make your body work harder for it.

“N95 mask use noticeably increases inhaled carbon dioxide, reduces inspired oxygen, and increases the work of breathing.”

The above conditions will force your body to compensate in order to maintain proper oxygen levels, and the symptoms of this reaction are not insignificant.

“Symptoms include sweating, visual changes, headache, dyspnea, increased irritability, and decreased reasoning, alertness, and exercise endurance. Independently, the inspired oxygen of 17% (normal, 21%), yields headache, lightheadedness, drowsiness, muscular weakness, dyspnea on exertion, nausea, and vomiting. Simultaneously, the augmented resistance to inspiratory (15% of maximum) and expiratory flow, when experienced for greater than 10 min, results in respiratory alkalosis, increased lactate levels, fatigue, and impaired physical work capacity.”

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? That’s probably something a parent should decide, in consultation with their pediatrician, based on the individual circumstances of their own children. If a parent wants their child to wear a mask (either an effective N95 or a useless one) — all day, every day, five days a week — we probably shouldn’t stop them. But no parent should be forced to put their children through this.

The article, published in an anesthesia magazine, goes on to explain exercises to help surgical staff improve “conditioning of respiratory muscle strength and respiratory muscle endurance” to help them breath easier while masking… but good luck trying to teach children these techniques and the discipline to practice them.

More to Consider:

Why most children are practically bullet proof against Covid.

Why Pfizer-Comirnaty is having difficulty proving its efficacy with children: Non-vaccinated children in their study’s control group aren’t getting sick, either.

Frequent testing of school children, like we did during the Swine Flu pandemic.

Boost your child’s immunity.

Improve diet and exercise, since obesity is the number one comorbidity that exacerbates Covid-19.

Tuition Free Online Classes for children with chronic conditions that put them at risk for severe Covid illness.

Before evaluating the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine for children, please read the product label first.

Pfizer may be receiving full FDA approval soon, but it probably shouldn’t.

Covid-19 Delta is proving to be more contagious than earlier variants, and hospitals worry they may not be able to keep pace with new cases, but there is no evidence that it is more lethal. Its current fatality rate of 1.7% (down from Alpha’s 3%) is still higher than that of the common flu, yet lower than H1N1’s 4% at the height of the Swine Flu pandemic.

People with comorbidities that put them at higher risk for severe and fatal illness, and men who are concerned about their fertility should undoubtedly consider vaccinations, but not all vaccines are created equal. mRNA’s side-effects are rare, but not insignificant, and the long-term effects (including issues with female fertility and premature menopause) are still unknown. Each of us should consult with a physician about prevention and treatment options to decide what is best for ourselves and our children, but that decision may soon be taken out of our own hands.

Under normal circumstances, the FDA requires 12-15 years of research and development before granting a drug their full approval, but the New York Times is reporting that the FDA may be granting Pfizer full approval for its Covid-19 mRNA vaccine as soon as Monday (23 August 2021). Reuters suggests that this would help state and local authorities overcome hesitancy to impose vaccine mandates. Likely… since the main argument against such measures has been that it is a crime against humanity to force experimental medicine on the general public. If mandates are imposed, they could include children as young as six-months-old.

Moderna has also applied for full FDA approval, but their process may have hit a snag. Their vaccine has shown to present “a higher risk of a heart condition in younger adults than previously believed”, and their EUA for adolescents has been put on hold. One person “familiar with the review” told the Washington Post that they have not yet concluded whether Pfizer’s vaccine holds an equal risk, but former studies conducted by the US military showed a direct correlation between both mRNA vaccines and myocarditis.

The CDC also confirmed that mRNA vaccines lose effectiveness over time and would require continuous booster shots.

Current CDC guidelines recommend mRNA booster every eight months, but some US State Health Departments consider those who have not received an mRNA dose within the previous three months to be “no longer fully vaccinated“, which would suggest that after three months, an mRNA vaccinated person is not protected any more than an unvaccinated person is.

This definition also suggests that the public is being misinformed about our Covid statistics, since many who are reported as “not fully vaccinated” may have indeed been double-jabbed.

What’s more: Nanoparticles used in mRNA technology have long been known to harmfully accumulate in human organs, and Moderna’s own SEC filing admits that LNP’s have lead to “significant adverse events” in previous mRNA trials.

“Certain aspects of our investigational medicines may induce immune reactions from either the mRNA or the lipid as well as adverse reactions within liver pathways or degradation of the mRNA or the LNP, any of which could lead to significant adverse events in one or more of our clinical trials. Many of these types of side effects have been seen for previously developed LNPs.” (Page 80)

Despite its questionable efficacy, the myriad of rare but significant side-effects, and the possibility of long term harmful effects, the CDC still insists that mRNA is better for us than the disease. But with the existence of safer, more effective vaccines (the J&J) and therapeutics (like Regeneron), and the virus itself mutating into less lethal variants for the sake of its own survival and co-existence with humankind… I’m not sure that the benefits of mRNA still outweigh its risks.