The real “Menace to Public Health” isn’t Joe Rogan, but “data-driven” statisticians.

By Na'omi Allen
Mrs Allen is a disgruntled American veteran and this is her personal blog. She studies geopolitical phenomena, with a focus on countering contemporary Nazism.

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The headlines would have you think that hundreds of doctors from all over the world have declared @joerogan to be a “Menace to Public Health”, but the phrase isn’t even mentioned in the said open letter sent to @Spotify.…

The phrase first appears in a piece by @RollingStone about the open letter, where they quote comments they received from one of the open letter’s co-signers, @DrKatEpi, who accuses Joe of presenting a “false balance” of information…

… a false balance, even though he has also given airtime to experts on both sides of the issue, including high profile advocates of the c-vax, like @drsanjaygupta…

… a false balance, because in her “expert” opinion, there aren’t two sides to this issue. There’s only one: “The overwhelming evidence is the vaccine works, and it is safe.” And anyone who says otherwise is a fringe lunatic and “menace to public health”.

What’s at stake? What is it that these experts are pressuring Spotify to protect with censorship? The credibility of data-driven guidance offered by medical professionals. Aka, glorified statisticians.

It’s kinda funny to me… because I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about how “data-driven guidance” is the rot of CoV-19 pandemic malpractice. Scientific method has been replaced with the art of data-skewing.

Game on.

These people presume that critics of Faucism can’t cite peer reviewed and published works to back up their claims, and they’re dead wrong…

Example: Peer reviewed & published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, meta analysis of 15 Ivermectin clinical trials show that the heavily maligned “horse paste” has an 85% success rate at preventing/reversing disease progression in vulnerable pts.…

That’s higher than Merck’s poison pill… which sits at 30%.…

One would have to get THREE Pfizer shots before reaching a higher rate of protection. And nobody knows how long that *waning* protection would last. Peer reviewed, and published by the New England Journal of Medicine:…

The Pfizer shot is the most sketchy of all the covid vaccines, yet it’s the one our government has placed all its bets on. Sometimes I wonder if the “experts” should include info about their stock portfolios with their publications.

Fun fact: Ivermectin is a Merck product. Which raises the question: Why would they malign one of their own earlier products, that is proven to have a decent success rate and a decent safety profile? Just to turn out a new, less effective product later?

Pure speculation, but… could it possible be, because Ivermectin has been around for so long now that it’s patent-free and can be made generically by other companies?

I was skeptical of Ivermectin, until the published data started rolling in. And it’s kind of blowing my mind that, with all of the peer reviewed & published papers now proving its efficacy, the “data-driven” experts are still calling it horse paste.

“Data-driven” experts who skew the numbers to make the c-vax out to be more than it really is, and who demonize empirical medicine, for the sake of protecting “vaccine confidence”, are the *real* menaces of public health.

The truth they want suppressed: The mRNA vax provides short-lived and extremely erratic protection, and people who get vax’d need a plan b.

Why they want it suppressed: They don’t want that ‘plan b’ to end up being ‘plan a’ for most people… which would be very likely, if people knew the whole truth.

What makes that more messed up than Joe Rogan giving air time to “both sides” of the story: Suppression of info is also suppressing the availability of medicines, and a lot of doctors are now afraid to practice empirical medicine.

Ask around your local medical community & you might find out that the only outpt med most places have available to treat covid if you catch it, is Merck’s poison pill. In which case… pray you have Omicron. Which, despite what the “data-driven” experts say, is *indeed* mild.

Merck’s poison pill has the riskiest safety profile and the least effectiveness. The FDA approved its EUA to be used only as a last resort treatment. But somehow, this ‘last resort’ pill has ended up as the first-offered med for C+ outpatients patients.…

Make it make sense.

This is where the “[skewed] data-driven guidance” has brought us. Demonizing empirical medicine, empirical research, and anything that refuses to accept Almighty mRNA as our one true Lord and Savior, is all the rage.

The Great Reset isn’t just a theory anymore… and it’s even more sinister than most think.

This post was rolled from Twitter, with errors and Tweetspeak left intact. Join the conversation, here.

Is WEF’s #GreatReset really just a conspiracy “theory”, or is it an *actual* conspiracy, if WEF’s founder wrote a book about how to co-opt the pandemic to transition the world into NWO technocracy? #WEF #Davos

WEF’s founder and the rest of the Club of Rome have been thought-experimenting with this stuff for decades, but they were never taken seriously. They were long known to be a bunch of bored, egomaniacal richfuks who obsess over fringe lunatic zero-population-growth theories…

The founder pretty much kept his association with the Club of Rome under wraps for decades, but the Club of Rome’s ideology started to seep through around the time people started freaking out about climate crisis.

Not insignificant is the fact that WEF’s very first meeting, in the early 70’s, was launched with a presentation on the Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth” concept. Club of Rome ideology is foundational to WEF.

More recently, now that they have the entire world believing we are on the brink of implosion, they stopped hiding their Club of Rome association. The Great Reset was written by the Club of Rome, and they’re not hiding this fact.

The Global Green New Deal was also written by the Club of Rome.…

It has been suspected by some that the Club of Rome has been collaborating with the IPCC. They’re not hiding it anymore:…

The IPCC references the Club of Rome’s work in their own reports.…

Here’s an early version of the Great Reset, written pre-pandemic, in 1991.…

1972 article about the Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth” concept, and about the computer simulated models they use.

Comparing the Club of Rome’s computer model, with the IPCC’s computer model:…

Climategate. #Agenda21
Leaked emails reveal how the Club of Rome has been running a scam on us through the IPCC.…

Why I don’t support masking children.

RSV is more dangerous and prevalent, and kills our children at twice the rate of Covid, but people haven’t lost their fucking minds over it. Shall we bundle our kids in bubble wrap and never let them leave the house again?

A recent study conducted by Waterloo University confirms: N95 grade masks are the only ones that somewhat work to stop transmission.

Unfortunately, habitual use of N95 masks do not come without their own health risks. CDC officials have dismissed concerns about prolonged mask use causing hypoxia by showing us data proving that wearing a mask does not lower oxygen levels in our bloodstream. But this does not explain why so many struggle to breathe while wearing an N95 mask for more than a short period of time.

Oftentimes, for the whole truth, we need to look at studies that have nothing to do with Covid-19, or ones that are not meant for the general public… like this article, written for surgical staff to help them learn how to overcome “physiologic implications” invoked by prolonged N95 mask usage. N95 masks won’t reduce your oxygen levels, but they will make your body work harder for it.

“N95 mask use noticeably increases inhaled carbon dioxide, reduces inspired oxygen, and increases the work of breathing.”

The above conditions will force your body to compensate in order to maintain proper oxygen levels, and the symptoms of this reaction are not insignificant.

“Symptoms include sweating, visual changes, headache, dyspnea, increased irritability, and decreased reasoning, alertness, and exercise endurance. Independently, the inspired oxygen of 17% (normal, 21%), yields headache, lightheadedness, drowsiness, muscular weakness, dyspnea on exertion, nausea, and vomiting. Simultaneously, the augmented resistance to inspiratory (15% of maximum) and expiratory flow, when experienced for greater than 10 min, results in respiratory alkalosis, increased lactate levels, fatigue, and impaired physical work capacity.”

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? That’s probably something a parent should decide, in consultation with their pediatrician, based on the individual circumstances of their own children. If a parent wants their child to wear a mask (either an effective N95 or a useless one) — all day, every day, five days a week — we probably shouldn’t stop them. But no parent should be forced to put their children through this.

The article, published in an anesthesia magazine, goes on to explain exercises to help surgical staff improve “conditioning of respiratory muscle strength and respiratory muscle endurance” to help them breath easier while masking… but good luck trying to teach children these techniques and the discipline to practice them.

Before evaluating the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine for children, please read the product label first.

More to Consider:

Published in the Annals of Occupational Hygiene: P/KN95 masks don’t cause Hypoxia, but wearing one for more than an hour at a time does reduce your O2 and increase your CO2 enough to make you feel like crap.

Why most children are practically bullet proof against Covid.

Why Pfizer-Comirnaty is having difficulty proving its efficacy with children: Non-vaccinated children in their study’s control group aren’t getting sick, either.

Frequent testing of school children, like we did during the Swine Flu pandemic.

Boost your child’s immunity.

Improve diet and exercise, since obesity is the number one comorbidity that exacerbates Covid-19.

Tuition Free Online Classes for children with chronic conditions that put them at risk for severe Covid illness.