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Diary of a political orphan.

Biden commemorates 20th anniversary of 9/11 by declassifying FBI reports.

On September 3rd, President Biden signed an Executive Order Directing Declassification Review of Documents Related to the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. The first set of declassified information was released to the public on September 11th.


Thank you Mr President. #TeamGTFO

Rumble: How the elites are tricking us again, and why we can’t let them win.


“We can’t abandon our allies.” Ready to Rumble with those who peddle this War Machine trigger phrase, that’s tricking people into wanting to push back our exit date (once again), and re-occupy Afghanistan.

P.S. Because someone asked: Kim’s earlier comments about the Taliban, archived here.

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Unroll: Boogaloo Bois have co-opted the anti-war movement.

Read this Twitter thread on ThreadReaderApp.

The Boojahideen Boogaloo Boi that the alt-left has been romancing with is trying to recruit refugees who feel victimized by US interventionism for their 9/11 march on Washington. What could go wrong?

Where do you think this guy and the other troublemakers will be when the people who listen to them are sitting in jail or getting deported for doing dumbshit?

What is this guy’s goal? (Minute 10:57) “Revolution… anarchy… abolishing the government.” People should know what they’re signing up for when they get involved with this crew.

He’s not really against war. He’s for starting war… on our own soil… between our own countrymen. I don’t know why anyone thinks that shit is cool. Real war isn’t like a video game. People kill and are killed, and that shit is painful and final IRL. War is for losers.

Screw you. Democracy works. I voted for Biden and he’s getting us out of MENA. All your fuckery will do is get people hurt and thrown in jail, but not before you fleece them. Where are your buddies who plotted to murder our governor now?

P.S. This guy “likes”, but doesn’t support Tulsi, & doesn’t think she should be in government. My guess, is because if a revolution did start (it won’t), she’d be fighting to defend our country against ppl like him. & I’d re-enlist to fight alongside her.


Recommended Reading: Biden’s DOJ draws the line between political activism and terrorism.

Rumble: Have we failed in Afghanistan?

People keep trying to label our Afghanistan project a failure, but you can’t fail a mission that never existed… and we never had a legitimate mission for our continued presence in Afghanistan. The current outrage is less about our failing to accomplish goals, and more about how people are not pleased with the way we are breaking free from something that was insane to begin with.

Rumble response to those who criticize our exit from Afghanistan…

Including Tom Cotton, who is calling for us to launch air strikes to ensure we don’t leave Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban…

… Marianne Williamson, who doesn’t want us to leave until we’ve secured rights for women.

… and alt-left supposed anti-war folks are are calling other lefists “Neocons” for supporting Biden’s unconditional withdrawal.

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I’m still waiting for someone to explain how Biden could have done things differently that isn’t the same as whatever the fuck we thought we were doing during the lollygagging phase of this ten-year withdrawal.

Recommended Reading: Afghanistan Meant Nothing, by a military vet like me, who’s on #TeamGTFO!

Opinion: The “eviction crisis” was manufactured by radical leftist politicians to further socialism.

Notes on what lead to the “eviction crisis” and how the Progressive-Left is using it to further Stalinism in America.

The Berner progressive wing got their illegal eviction moratorium extension, but they’re still maintaining their illegal foothold on the Capital steps. Why?

Update: While Progressive legislators take a break from occupying the Capital steps, the cops made the remaining protesters move their “sit in” to the other side of the Capital grounds barrier.

AOC expressed “reasons known and unknown” to reporters, and has been encouraging “confrontation”.

Cori Bush tells reporters that they have more work to do, and is promoting her Unhoused Human Rights Bill, which contains language that obligates congress to establish “rights” similar to what was declared in the 1936 Constitution of the USSR, which helped Stalin seize dictatorship and led to the Great Purge.

Legislation containing such declarations, which would significantly impact our own constitution, is unnecessary. Biden’s infrastructure bill already addresses the housing crisis with measures that increase units of affordable housing, imposes rent control in critical regions, and more. Yet, Progressives are threatening to block those measures if they don’t get their “voting rights” bill passed.

What’s more: We would not be facing an eviction crisis today if congress and Democratic leaders had worked harder to get rental assistance to people, instead of — like Cori admits to doing in the video linked below — focusing so much on extending the eviction moratorium.

Why would “progressives” manufacture such a crisis? Socialism depends on existential crisis for advancement… because nothing else is more effectively at getting people to fight for causes that limit their individual freedoms.

Unroll: Why I support our troops in Africa.

“The US military bombed Al Shabaab. Sorry, but I’m okay with that.”

— (@girly_GRRRL Reply to @Rohitjo14921532)

The US military conducted an air strike against Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab jihadists on Tuesday, the first since President Joe Biden took office.

I am okay with any work our military does in Africa, as long as it is done in coordination with the African Union. I’m against overthrowing governments & pillaging resources, but our joint Ops with the AU Mission in Somalia is legit.

Since 2005, NATO has been cooperating with the African Union (AU) – a regional organisation with 55 members created in 2002. The NATO-AU relationship started modestly with AU requests for logistics…

Helping a country who wants our help, to fight terrorism, is okay with me. If we were arming terrorists there to overthrow governments, that would be a different story.

I’m more bothered by our country’s support for Tigray against Ethiopia than by our troops fucking up al Shabaab.

It would be great if African nations could hold their own against terrorists, but they can’t always do it entirely on their own. Right now, most are busy fighting back a Jihadist insurgency in Mozambique. I hope they succeed.

The bloc did not give details of the strength or the timeline of the deployment. But a document leaked earlier this year recommended sending Southern African nations to send troops to Mozambique.

“Give me one instance America’s military intervention in any foreign country has not gone horribly wrong for the people of those countries?”

— (@Rohitjo14921532 Replying to @girly_GRRRL)


I have a personal interest in hoping Jihadists fail in Africa. South Africa is my second home (my husband is South African). If the African Union asks for help, the US should help, in ways the AU has asked for. Hypotheticals mean little to me.

My view about this is consistent with my view about Syria. I oppose arming a rebellion against the Syrian government, but I’m all for bombing terrorists. I am a non-interventionist, but not a pacifist. Assisting a county who needs help defending themselves is not interventionism…

… especially when the enemy they need protection from is our own declared enemy.

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