“Defenders” of Azovstal threaten to bomb Mariupol on V-Day

This post was last updated on 07 May 2022.

Updated on 29 April 2022 to include info about Pro-Azov excitement over newly acquired long range missile systems.
Updated on 07 May 2022, to include info about CEPA agents setting the stage, to blame Russia for May 9th attacks.
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Right Sector leader Biletsky has threatened to strike the citizens of Mariupol with long range cluster munitions if they hold a Victory over Fascism parade on May 9th, and Azov supporters are giddy over the US sending them missile systems that would help them carry out the task. To justify committing this heinous atrocity, he and the Kyiv news anchor speculate about how V-Day parades would be full of people bussed in from Moscow, which they say should be treated as a provocation.

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Here’s what happened the last time Mariupol tried to hold a V-Day Parade, back in 2014:

Note that the fireman (above) tells the Vice reporter that the Right Sector and the new Ukrainian national guard attacked their police. Other witnesses told the reporter that national guardsmen attacked “our police”, the parade, and civilians. The Vice reporter commented at one point, that this was not the first time that the Right Sector had attacked the town, but it was the most violent attack to date.

Kyiv’s Post-Maidan government claimed that they sent the national guard and the newly formed national police force into the town after receiving reports that “separatists” had taken over the police station.

How it was reported in the mainstream press:

Is it any wonder why Eastern Ukrainians felt the need to take up arms against the Post-Maidan government? And is it any wonder why most residents of Mariupol have evacuated to Russia, instead of Kyiv?

Since the beginning of this Euro-Maidan mess, our leaders and their talking heads have been walking on eggshells around this Ukrainian Nazi thing, covering up their inhumanity, in order to preserve their “Pro-EU” image.

And not just the 2014 Mariupol massacre, but also the Right Sector attack against busloads of Crimeans, which triggered their referendum for independence.

And the Odessa massacre, which triggered Donbas referendums for autonomy.

Meanwhile, Americans bit by the Azov-Bug are now acting as if celebrating Victory over Fascism (which the Allied Powers have done, every year, in their own nation’s way, since the end of World War II) is a Pro-Putin PsyOP. 🫣 Shouldn’t be long before our White House starts claiming that Russia is staging a V-Day false flag.

Updates on V-Day bombing campaigns: