Erdogan expands his terror network in Syria.

By Na'omi Allen
Mrs Allen is a disgruntled American veteran and this is her personal blog. She studies geopolitical phenomena, with a focus on countering contemporary Nazism.

MICHIGAN, USA (Notes from Nowhere)People are noticing that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has been providing security in Idlib.

In prior years, Hayat Tahrir a-Sham/Nusra, would attack & jail protesters raising the revolution’s flag. Today, HTS provided security for the revolutionary protest in Idlib. Further steps are needed from HTS to prove to activists that it went through a genuine transformation

— Elizabeth Tsurkov (@Elizrael) March 15, 2021


This confirms rumors about a deal negotiated by Turkey between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and HTS, that would allow the extremist group to oversee security in FSA strongholds.

While many still refer to them as FSA, the Free Syrian Army ceased to exist when they merged with other opposition groups to form the Turkey-backed Syrian National Army (SNA), who have been assisting the Turkish effort to “liberate” Northern Syria from the Kurds. And while called “the Revolution’s flag”, what is being flown by demonstrators is actually the SNA’s banner.

Watch, a first-hand account of an American who was held prisoner by the “Free Syrian Army”:

Related News: Human Rights Watch accuses Syrian National Army of crimes against humanity in Northern Syria.

Erdogan is successfully increasing his influence in Syria, and the coalition he has created seems increasingly extremist, not “moderate”.

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