Fake Maternity Leave for All

Other countries call what Bernie Sanders is pretending to do, “Maternity Leave“. And, no. I’m not ‘satisfied’ with the fact that our country doesn’t give women enough paid maternity leave… but neither does his stupid bill.

Women should be given at least a year, and as much as two years, in government sponsored/protected maternity leave/accommodations, to give us enough time to heal from the trauma of birth, to nurse our babies, and because it has been proven that mother-baby separation during the first two years of life is psychologically damaging for children.

We’ve been fighting for this for decades. Instead, we’ve ended up with… 4 weeks? Which is less than what most of us already have. And, why? So other parental units, who do not share our unique and inherent issues, can share the benefit, equally? So men people with dicks can stop crying about how #WOMYN are granted special privileges because of their vaginas?

This is just one more reason why we shouldn’t let legislators adopt this stupid delusion that differences in biological sex don’t exist. Women didn’t come all this way just to go back to having our *unique* issues ignored. Did we?

Pardon me. I guess I should’ve said, birthing-menstruators-who-chestfeed-newborn-progeny… aka, “Breeders”.

Of course, there are economic factors that need to be considered, but that part of the issue deserves its own, separate debate… and we can’t move on to that part of the maternity leave argument, until we settle this one.