Justice for Black Farmers Act ruled unconstitutional.

A Wisconsin federal judge has ruled that the Justice for Black Farmers Act is unconstitutional, because it attempts to compensate for one type of discrimination by creating another.

The bill was introduced in the Senate by Senators Booker, Warren, Gillibrand, Smith, Warnock, and Leahy as part of the American Rescue Plan, and it would have distributed financial awards to African American farmers and ranchers equal to 120% of the loans and debt they incurred during the pandemic, plus additional grants to help them gain land ownership, irrespective of earnings, wealth or actual pandemic impact.

“Reparations” was not part of the bill’s language, but many viewed it as a land expropriations measure meant to compensate for the “long-term effects of slavery and segregation”.

A lot of people are going to be upset about this, and I am confident that social justice groups will appeal. But is it truly just to replace one system of institutionalized racism with another? And would any amount of reparations ever compensate for injustices that spanned several generations, and for centuries?

The only way to overcome immutable historical grievances is to make sure that those horrible things remain in the past. Slavery and segregation were evil as fuck. Thank God we abolished them both.

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