Lies of Mass Destruction — Ghouta, Syria.

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MICHIGAN, USA (Notes from Nowhere)In 2017, President Trump ordered a missile strike against Syria after civilians were killed by chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun. At the time, the White House provided no proof that the attack was carried out by the Assad regime, and they did not seek approval for the use of military force from congress. It took the UN six months to release findings attributing the attack to Assad, after extensive testing revealed that weapons used against Khan Sheikoun shared a chemical signature with weapons used four years earlier against Ghouta.

To prevent our country from sinking deeper into the MENA quagmire, we must demand that our leaders and their talking heads start telling, and acting in accordance with, the whole truth.

What’s been happening in Syria has been reported in such an obscure way that most Americans mistakenly believe that Syria was proven to be responsible for the 2013 Ghouta chemical attack, and that Congress approved US support for Syrian “rebels” in the civil war against Assad because of it.

But I’m old enough to remember that, back in 2013, the public was well aware that blame for the chemical attack could not be proven, and that serious consideration was given to the possibility that “rebels” had staged a false flag in order to gain international support for their side of the civil war.

Video evidence of Salafi-Jihadi firing volcano rockets at Ghouta, found on the cell phone of terrorists who were killed by Kurdish Peshmerga on the Syrian border in September, 2013.

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Once in a while, a news piece will recall this fact, as does this recent article about the current effort to sue Assad through French and German courts.

“The United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons conducted inquiries after the 2013 attack in Syria, but the evidence they amassed has never led to any accountability and never identified perpetrators by name.” (The New York Times)

Despite reasonable doubt, President Obama declared that, “Assad must go!” He urged Congress to authorize a US led effort to overthrow the Syrian government, but that never happened. Several pieces of legislation were introduced to support the Syrian civil war effort, and every single one of them failed to pass, or died in committee.

There is no congressional mandate to overthrow the Assad regime. The fighters who Congress has authorized our government and military to support in Syria (using the 2001 AUMF) aren’t supposed to be “rebels” at all. They’re supposed to be fighting al Qaeda, not Assad.

What’s more: Obama’s State Department started collaborating with Syrian “opposition” groups in 2012, before the Ghouta chemical attack even happened. And Rafif Jouejati — an American activist who now serves as a spokesperson for the Turkish-backed Syrian National Coalition — recently admitted that she helped organize the 2011 Syrian Arab Spring.



Whatever you think of him, our State Department’s effort to overthrow Assad is unlawful and illegitimate… not just because it was never authorized by Congress, but because it was based on yet another WMD Lie. What’s even worse: The fighters we lawfully (The Syrian Democratic Forces) and unlawfully (Syrian National Army) supported are now currently in open war with each other in Rojava.