Deep Dive: “For the Children” (Kramatorsk)

“The territory from which the launch came is 100% Ukrainian controlled.”

— Former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter

The train station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine was attacked with a missile, inscribed with a chilling message: “For the Children”. This devastating incident, resulting in at least 50 fatalities, has sparked outrage against Russia, and triggered a flurry of international activity, testing and reinforcing alliances, bringing us closer to World War III.

Kramatorsk is an anti-Maidan city, policed by Nazi militias since 2014. As such, some have anticipated that Russia would target it for liberation, and this military strike has produced a lot of speculation, as well as evidence against Ukraine that our officials are choosing to ignore.


The social media BLOB-MOB suggests that Russia may have targeted the train station to force evacuations to re-route eastward, fueling hysteria about the Red Cross sending refugees to concentration camps in Rostov.

Blue check BLOB-heads are using the incident to say that, “Russians are killing the people they say they’re trying to liberate,” in order to discredit the Russian Federation’s stated objective to de-Nazify Ukraine.

Some (Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, included) are adding the incident to their list of “Russian war crimes” that they’re using as a pretext for US and NATO forces to enter the fray (by putting boots on the ground to arrest Russian Federation troops for acts of terrorism), and to bolster their call for Russian President Putin to be arrested and tried as a war criminal.

Others are using the incident to discredit social media buzz about the Alley of Angels Memorial, dedicated to children from the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), killed by Nazi Right Sector militias during the Ukrainian Civil War.

Some, who are aware of the buzz, say that the DPR launched the rocket, in revenge for these children.

Ukrainian POW’s visit the Alley of Angels Memorial.

But based on the actual evidence, I personally think that Nazi militias are responsible for the train station bombing. I think that they are using this war as an opportunity to kill the people who they’ve always wanted to get rid of, and that they are framing Russia for it, in order to escalate hostilities and start WW3.

The Set-Up:

On April 7th, authorities urged residents of government controlled Luhansk and Donetsk to gather at the Kramatorsk train station for evacuation from the Donbas, in anticipation of a “rumored” attack from Russian Federation forces.

At the same time, “experts” were also telling reporters in Kyiv that Russia would try to damage Ukraine’s rail system in order to disrupt Ukraine’s energy supply lines.

On April 8th, Ukrainian officials announced that the Kramatorsk train station was struck by a Russian Iskander missile armed with a cluster charge.

The Facts:

Russia has been using Hail, Tornado, and Hurricane missiles, and video evidence shows that Kramatorsk was struck, not by an Iskander, but by a Soviet-era Tochka-U missile … thus far used exclusively in this war by Ukrainian forces, and frequently used by Nazi militias to bomb communities in the Donbas (most recently, on March 14th).



Supposed video “evidence” of Russia using Tochka-U missiles, that was first put into circulation on social media on April 1st, shows a convoy of Tochka-U missile launchers en route, by rail, from Russia to Belarus. So far, there are no credible reports of these missile launchers being deployed on Ukrainian soil.


The Hard Evidence:

The Tochka-U missile launched against Kramatorsk, and ones launched by Ukrainian forces against Melitipol, and Berdyansk in March, all carry a 915xx serial number. Irrefutably, they came from the same Ukrainian stockpile.

Amateur OSINT enthusiasts claim that the missile was fired on Kramatorsk either from a DPR position in the Donbas, or from Belarus, but forensic analysis (by an actual expert) reveals that, irrefutably, it was launched from Ukrainian controlled territory.

“The blue dot at the tip of the three arrows is the impact zone. The solid line is the azimuth of flight determined by the missile debris. The dotted lines show possible zones accounting for margin of error. The territory from which the launch came is 100% Ukrainian controlled.”

— Former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter

The Reality:

Without as much as a proper investigation, just as they did with Bucha, our leaders are making significant and frightening decisions, staging for another global war. And if we are not careful, our country will end up fighting that war on the side of fascism.

Both sides of this war accuse the other of fascism, but only one side is supporting actual Nazis.

Azov Battalion are hardcore Nazis, and people need to stop pretending that this is okay.