Opinion: The “eviction crisis” was manufactured by radical leftist politicians to further socialism.

Notes on what lead to the “eviction crisis” and how the Progressive-Left is using it to further Stalinism in America.

The Berner progressive wing got their illegal eviction moratorium extension, but they’re still maintaining their illegal foothold on the Capital steps. Why?

Update: While Progressive legislators take a break from occupying the Capital steps, the cops made the remaining protesters move their “sit in” to the other side of the Capital grounds barrier.

AOC expressed “reasons known and unknown” to reporters, and has been encouraging “confrontation”.

Cori Bush tells reporters that they have more work to do, and is promoting her Unhoused Human Rights Bill, which contains language that obligates congress to establish “rights” similar to what was declared in the 1936 Constitution of the USSR, which helped Stalin seize dictatorship and led to the Great Purge.

Legislation containing such declarations, which would significantly impact our own constitution, is unnecessary. Biden’s infrastructure bill already addresses the housing crisis with measures that increase units of affordable housing, imposes rent control in critical regions, and more. Yet, Progressives are threatening to block those measures if they don’t get their “voting rights” bill passed.

What’s more: We would not be facing an eviction crisis today if congress and Democratic leaders had worked harder to get rental assistance to people, instead of — like Cori admits to doing in the video linked below — focusing so much on extending the eviction moratorium.

Why would “progressives” manufacture such a crisis? Socialism depends on existential crisis for advancement… because nothing else is more effectively at getting people to fight for causes that limit their individual freedoms.


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