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Thank you Mr President. #TeamGTFO

Rumble: How the elites are tricking us again, and why we can’t let them win.


“We can’t abandon our allies.” Ready to Rumble with those who peddle this War Machine trigger phrase, that’s tricking people into wanting to push back our exit date (once again), and re-occupy Afghanistan.

P.S. Because someone asked: Kim’s earlier comments about the Taliban, archived here.

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Rumble: Have we failed in Afghanistan?

People keep trying to label our Afghanistan project a failure, but you can’t fail a mission that never existed… and we never had a legitimate mission for our continued presence in Afghanistan. The current outrage is less about our failing to accomplish goals, and more about how people are not pleased with the way we are breaking free from something that was insane to begin with.

Rumble response to those who criticize our exit from Afghanistan…

Including Tom Cotton, who is calling for us to launch air strikes to ensure we don’t leave Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban…

… Marianne Williamson, who doesn’t want us to leave until we’ve secured rights for women.

… and alt-left supposed anti-war folks are are calling other lefists “Neocons” for supporting Biden’s unconditional withdrawal.

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I’m still waiting for someone to explain how Biden could have done things differently that isn’t the same as whatever the fuck we thought we were doing during the lollygagging phase of this ten-year withdrawal.

Recommended Reading: Afghanistan Meant Nothing, by a military vet like me, who’s on #TeamGTFO!