Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs praises the “spiritual father” of Ukrainian fascism.

If the Ukrainian government wants people to stop calling them Nazis, they should probably stop glorifying Nazis.

Most recently, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs produced a short propaganda film celebrating the life of Dmytro Dontsov… a Ukrainian fascist whose literary works from the Interwar Period formed the basis of Ukrainian Nazi ideology (aka, the Ukrainian Idea of Nation).

After World War II, Dontsov ran around with the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations lobby, advocating for the United States to preemptively nuke the “Satanic” Soviet Union, even if it took out half of Ukraine. This desire continues with today’s prominent Ukrainian Nationalists… such as Zelenskyy’s key advisor, Arestovych.

To learn more about this “prominent Ukrainian thinker” and what Ukrainian Nazis believe, please check out [@seansrussiablog] Sean Guillory’s 2021 interview with [@ErlacherTrevor] Trevor Erlacher, who literally wrote the book on Dontsov:

SRB Podcast · Dmytro Dontsov and Ukrainian Nationalism