Unroll: Boogaloo Bois have co-opted the anti-war movement.

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The Boojahideen Boogaloo Boi that the alt-left has been romancing with is trying to recruit refugees who feel victimized by US interventionism for their 9/11 march on Washington. What could go wrong?

Where do you think this guy and the other troublemakers will be when the people who listen to them are sitting in jail or getting deported for doing dumbshit?

What is this guy’s goal? (Minute 10:57) “Revolution… anarchy… abolishing the government.” People should know what they’re signing up for when they get involved with this crew.

He’s not really against war. He’s for starting war… on our own soil… between our own countrymen. I don’t know why anyone thinks that shit is cool. Real war isn’t like a video game. People kill and are killed, and that shit is painful and final IRL. War is for losers.

Screw you. Democracy works. I voted for Biden and he’s getting us out of MENA. All your fuckery will do is get people hurt and thrown in jail, but not before you fleece them. Where are your buddies who plotted to murder our governor now?

P.S. This guy “likes”, but doesn’t support Tulsi, & doesn’t think she should be in government. My guess, is because if a revolution did start (it won’t), she’d be fighting to defend our country against ppl like him. & I’d re-enlist to fight alongside her.


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