Unroll: #DonbassLivesMatter

By Na'omi Allen
Mrs Allen is a disgruntled American veteran and this is her personal blog. She studies geopolitical phenomena, with a focus on countering contemporary Nazism.

Originally published by @NaomiAllen_USA on Twitter.

(21 September 2022)

Our President @POTUS @JoeBiden shamelessly ignores the plight of Donbass. He pretends that Putin is “needlessly” defending the Donbass, even tho Ukrainian forces were bombing the hell out of them. Does Donbass not have the right to defend themselves?

I am not asking rhetorically. I really want to know why our president @POTUS @JoeBiden doesn’t believe that Donbass has a right to defend themselves. #DonbassLivesMatter

Learn More: NATO Whistleblower Condemns Dishonest Press Coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict.

Putin doesn’t just have the moral high ground in the fight against modern day Nazis. He also has legal standing for Russia’s SMO to protect Donbass and Russian soil. By hindering their right to self defense, it’s our country that is in violation of international law right now.

(22 September 2022)

They say I parrot Kremlin talking points, but the secret is out: The Kremlin is parroting mine! Seriously, tho: The simple truth is simply the truth, everywhere that truth is simply spoken. #DonbassLivesMatter

This is an accidental double post. Read the original republishing plus my response to Timothy Snyder’s lunatic suggestions about the Novorossiya referenda, here.