US lawmakers reward Ukraine’s bad behavior with record level military aid.

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Michigan, USA (Notes from Nowhere) — In March, last year, the Department of Defense announced they were releasing military aid to Ukraine, as authorized by Trump’s 2021 NDAA, but was withholding half of the amount until the DOD and US State Department could certify that Ukraine was in compliance with international law and NATO standards.

The remaining $150 million in fiscal year 2021 USAI funds appropriated by Congress will be provided when the Defense Department, in coordination with the Department of State, certifies that Ukraine has made sufficient progress on key defense reforms this year, as required by the National Defense Authorization Act.

The Department encourages Ukraine to continue to enact reforms that strengthen civilian control of the military, promote increased transparency and accountability in defense industry and procurement, and modernize its defense sector in other key areas in line with NATO principles and standards.

One of the things US officials called for was “increased transparency and accountability in defense industry and procurement” due to Ukraine’s long history of illegal gun running that they have failed to remedy unto this day.

The DOD’s announcement came a few weeks after the UN Security Council reported that Ukraine’s pandemic response violated Minsk agreements, were creating a humanitarian crisis at catastrophic levels, and were exacerbating tensions in the Donbas and Crimea in ways that would reignite the civil war.

The UNSC, at that time, also countered rhetoric about Russian aggression, stating that they found no evidence of Russian military operations in the Donbas, and that anyone who carried on with “fantasies about Russian aggression” could not be trusted as honest negotiators.

In defiance of the UNSC, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy continued his saber rattling, escalating tensions even further, and US lawmakers who bought into the scheme passed legislation to bypass our *conditional* military aid package with new, unconditional appropriations.

As a result, despite Ukraine’s total disregard for international law, and despite their actions that willfully break hard won peace agreements, we have gifted them with the largest military aid package, ever.

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Please see Troubled Waters in the Black Sea for a detailed record of how Zelenskyy and Erdogan orchestrated the recent standoff between Ukraine and Russia. Warning: Repeating these truths will get you labelled a Russian agent, marked for harassment by the Blob Mob, as directed by White House Press Secretary Psaki.

This article was updated on 26 January 2022 to include information about Ukraine’s corrupt arms industry.