Why I support protecting women’s sports.

Gender may be a social construct, but biological sex is not. Biological sex is real. Differences between the biological sexes are real. Not wanting these things to be real doesn’t make them disappear. Trans-Folk know this for a fact, and it’s why they undergo medical transition procedures to begin with.

Transgender activists and their allies insist that laws meant to protect women’s sports discriminate against Trans-Folk and are especially harmful to Trans-Children, but they ignore the reasons why sex-segregated sports were created to begin with: Innate biological differences give men a physical advantage over women.

If there were no significant physical differences between men and women, then there would be no need for sex-segregated sports to begin with. People are already starting to talk about how, instead of segregating sports by sex, athletics should be co-ed with weight divisions. Denying the existence of biological sex and the biological differences between men and women would mean the beginning of the end for women’s sports.

More importantly, it would also mean the beginning of the end for feminism, since feminism strives to eliminate the various ways that our innate biological differences disadvantage women in society.

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